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  • Andrew Stewart

FRIDAY RAVE 54 - Australia dodged a bullet to the chest, but the next shot is aimed at the back

Man dodging a bullet to the chest

Australia dodged a bullet on14 October 2023 and thwarted the globalist Marxist UN plans for Australia through the ‘Voice to Parliament’.

However, dodging a bullet to the chest achieves nothing if you allow apathy and ignorance to result in being shot in the back.

Shot in the back by whom? By the identifiably traitorous actions of a globalist elite using Australian governments.

The ‘Voice to Parliament referendum’, whilst important to defeat, has been a misdirection from ‘The Hill’ that Australians must fight for and CAN’T lose. The battle to protect Australia's sovereignty from the power-hungry globalist elite alliance of the UN/WHO/WEF.

However, the battle is not over; the quest to say NO to The Voice was just a skirmish in the bigger scheme of things. In some ways, the battle has just begun. In time, Democracy in Australia will be as good as lost if the people do not win this battle; the lives of ALL Australians will be impacted.

Before you dismiss this warning as a “Conspiracy Theory” please make the time to educate or challenge yourself further. Please watch this 17-minute video where Swiss Lawyer Philipp Kruse addresses the ‘Health and Democracy Conference’ in the European Parliament on 13 September 2023.

When you finally realise the magnitude of this threat to our nation, please join me and others on ‘The Hill’ as we stand against the ratification by our Australian government of two legal instruments (the WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR Amendments) that, through pandemic prevention, pandemic preparedness and response will cause “Member states to lose their sovereignty and autonomy” Philipp Kruse. The whole created by these two legal instruments will be greater than the sum of its parts.


In numerous Friday Raves, I have attempted to alert readers to the threat of the globalist WHO Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulation amendments of May 2022 and May 2023. A Treaty and Amendments that the Morrison Coalition government and Albanese Labor government appear to have sold out Australians to the globalist elite.

If the Australian delegate to the World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 2024 rubber-stamps Australia’s commitment to the globalist ‘WHO Pandemic Treaty’ and the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), Australia will lose its sovereignty over health in May 2025, when the IHR amendments become binding.

If YOU remain silent, this will happen. From that moment on, every Australian will inevitably be impacted.

Do you trust handing over Australia’s health sovereignty to unelected WHO bureaucrats who will pay no price for being wrong? That is irrespective of whether they ‘get it wrong’ through ignorant inaction or neglect or whether it is intentional. Don’t forget that these are many of the same bureaucrats who got it terribly wrong with their handling of Covid-19.

Do you trust handing over Australia’s health sovereignty to an Ethiopian Marxist who isn't even a medical doctor and a failed health minister in Ethiopia, where he was responsible for a great amount of human suffering and many, many deaths?

Learn more about the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,

Do you want to hand over Australia’s health sovereignty so that NONE OF US - including our Australian parliament and bureaucrats - can any longer determine the health responses to a crisis in our country?

If these elitists get their way, the WHO will be the sole arbitrator of knowledge to deal with any global or perceived global crisis. Yes, the globalist climate change catastrophe hoax could be seized upon by the WHO to intervene in the running of our nation.

Do you want potential WHO-directed climate change lockdowns?

Article 12 of the IHR amendments in May 2023

Determination of an international public health emergency alert can be activated “if the Director General considers that a potential or actual public health emergency of International concern exists”. (It doesn’t have to be real, just potential. Is it someone’s warped sense of humour that the acronym for this is PHEIC, pronounced ‘fake’?)

Do you want to hand over Australia’s health sovereignty so that there is NO mechanism for the Australian people or government to challenge the WHO's decision to declare a public emergency, its measures or vaccination programs (even if experimental)? If we Australians don't act preemptively to stop this, we could be exposed to future experimental medical treatments.

Are you aware that Mr. Vaccines, Bill Gates, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is the second biggest financial donor to the WHO? One must be naive to think that money doesn't buy influence. Do you want your children or future grandchildren exposed to experimental vaccines enforced by the Bill Gates-influenced WHO? And worse, you will have no power to stop it simply because the decision-making will be beyond the control of elected officials. Freedom will be non-existent. Human rights will not be acknowledged. Democracy will be dead.


We must unite to oppose the two legal instruments (WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR Amendments) threatening our nation's sovereignty and the welfare of ALL citizens, now and in the future. They must not pass either separately or in tandem.

Don’t be fooled by the silence of the globalist-controlled mainstream media on this issue. Their silence should be ringing alarm bells for you.

In no uncertain terms, the people must take action to notify the Albanese government about their concerns on this vital issue. Write to Federal Labor politicians in both houses of parliament.

Please copy and paste any material I have presented if that makes it less time-consuming to speak up. Your Voice must be heard. Please join us on 'The Hill'.

I will conclude today's rave with a quote from the speech of Philipp Kruse.

“Without open debate, without the possibility of having different opinions, different hypotheses, different methods to be discussed at the table, there will be no science, and there will be ultimately no democracy, and there will be no legal court proceedings and no justice. If the result is already predefined by one sole authority on this planet, there cannot be by definition a proper scientific process, a proper decision-making process; there cannot be any democracy.”

If you agree with theses words, please stand with me to speak up by Liking and Sharing the rave.


An eye-opening speech from British MP Andrew Bridgen (May 2023). WHO NEW TREATY

“Forests can be grown for a thousand years and be chopped down in weeks, and the same is for our democracy.”

PS Did you take a few minutes to act on last week's Friday Rave by helping the Indigenous people? If not, I encourage you also to speak up and write to Labor politicians demanding:

  1. The protection of Indigenous children from sexual assault through a Royal Commission.

  2. An audit as to where the billions of dollars in indigenous funding is going.

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Oct 26, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent research and well written Andrew. These questions and more keep being asked by people from all walks of life, however, the elites simply ignore them.

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