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Inclusive Acknowledgement
Acknowledgement of the Australian Nation 

Being born and bred in Australia, I don't need a welcome to my own country.

As a Christian, I don't need a smoking ceremony to ward off bad spirits.

I have my faith in Jesus Christ to protect me.

However, I pay my respects to those who laid the foundations of this great country.

I want to welcome ALL Australians to this 'Friday Rave' website.


"We acknowledge the Anglo explorers, pioneers, builders and their descendants

who planted the British flag and Christian Faith on this continent,
creating the Australian nation.

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
who have lived here since their Dreamtime.

We acknowledge the Federal Commonwealth of Australia,
created by the nation under the Crown

to guard the nation and the liberty of all citizens".

We acknowledge those who have defended this nation,

with some paying the ultimate sacrifice 

so that we can be the land of the free.

And we acknowledge the millions of later migrants,

who have contributed to our magnificent modern Australian nation.

(Acknowledgement adapted from "Anglophobia - The Unrecognised Hatred"  by Harry Richardson & Frank Salter


"As many people have realised the last few years, mainstream media is crumbling - a tired mess of irrelevant nonsense, all pushing the same agenda - while numerous alternatives are popping up.

It can be both refreshing and enlightening to read alternative opinions. It can challenge and sometimes even change opinions. For the future of our society it's worth the effort.

So, I'd like to introduce The Friday Rave. Compiled by a good friend of mine Andrew Stewart who I've worked alongside for years. Many hours of research and reading go into his work - how he finds the time, I don't know. Make the most of his effort, subscribe, read and share". Anita Maree

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