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About Me.


My name is Andrew Stewart, known by many as “Stewy”. 

I am just your everyday Aussie bloke: born and bred in Australia; loves his sport; has a favourite footy team; loves his steak, mash and three veg; drives a commodore; navigated Sydney University to obtain a Bachelor of Human Movement Degree; working to pay off a mortgage …………… and has 4 beautiful children, who I love very much. Children and, hopefully, one day, grandchildren that I want to protect from the impending danger that has been looming for some years and is now threatening this beautiful country. 

As a young boy, I grew up in the country towns of Barraba and Scone, and it was predominantly the country upbringing, along with two wonderful parents, a loving family and my Christian faith, that shaped the person I became.

Friday Rave - Andrew Stewart

I recall from the church at Barraba the kindness, warmth and character of numerous old farmers who fought in the Second World War to protect Australia. These men and the strong influence of a loving father, a man of integrity, who cared about his country and the welfare of future generations, impacted me significantly. Two of my heroes are Germans Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Sophie Scholl, who lost their lives standing up against Hitler and the Nazis, whilst others remained silent or supported the Nazis.


This snapshot of my background gives some explanation why I refuse to be silent to evil. I modelled this during the Covid years as I was not afraid to be “standing alone”. (My family and friends know what I mean)

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act”

(words attributed to Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

I don't claim to be a talented or even a good writer. However, I am having a go at speaking up against what I have from extensive reading and a knowledge of the scriptures identified as the prime evil under Satan’s rule of this world.


Marxism is an evil theology that stemmed from the work of the satanic Karl Marx and others. Marxism results in death, and over 100 million lost lives, since 1917 is testimony to the evil of the theology.


Since 2015 I have been both vocal and active in standing up against Marxism in its various forms.


Just like the totalitarian regime of Nazism was to Germany, the totalitarian regime of Marxism will destroy our beautiful country. Millions of innocent people will one day die if it is not stopped. I repeat, the legacy of Marxism is death, and death happens at the end, once the Marxists have control.  

In 2015, when exposing Cultural Marxism being perpetrated by traitors to democracy, one was laughed at and mocked as a “conspiracy theorist” wearing a “tin foil hat”. Unfortunately, since then, cultural Marxism has spread like cancer through so many Western institutions. Wokeness, political correctness, cancel culture, Identity politics, Critical Race Theory, radical LGBT…. Queer theory, radical feminism, postcolonial theory, etc, now threaten our democratic way of life.


For the past 8 years, my focus has been on the destructive forces of both cultural and global Marxism.


The cultural Marxist “long march through the institutions” (i.e. government, law, churches, charities, the media, schools, universities and corporate” power) as ‘identity politics’ divides people into oppressed and oppressors based on race, sexuality, gender, religion and nationality………….


Global Marxism as a big interfering government serves the agenda and interests of the globalist Marxist elite (i.e. UN/WHO/WEF alliance, big Corporate business and fat cat bureaucrats, etc) and not the citizens they were elected to represent.


If you have been deceived to believing the 'Voice to Parliament' is about caring for the Indigenous people, I suggest you allow yourself to be challenged and read Friday Rave 48


Evil can not be bargained with or appeased. It can only be confronted and then beaten. I plan to keep standing up against the evils of cultural and global Marxism to my final breath. This Friday Rave Website and Blog is a weapon I will be using and I hope you find it useful too.


We must always remember how our brave soldiers of the past had to risk their lives (over 102000 never returned) to keep us free. All we have to do is stand up. I encourage you to stand up beside me.



Andrew Stewart


PS Before you do the bolt because of the Sea Eagles gear, please take the time to read Friday Rave 34 - 'Marxist Woke Destroying Aussie Spirit". This explains why I am a true blue Manly Sea Eagles' supporter

Why I Developed the Blog

The ‘Friday Rave’ Blog was developed in response to the left-wing Albanese Labor government's attack on free speech through the draft Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023. A well-informed, well-educated people, capable of thinking critically and smart enough to discuss and challenge issues, is not what a big Marxist government wants.


Prime Minister Albanese and future governments might enforce social media companies to do a 1984 and censor free speech, only permitting the ‘Big Brother’ government narrative and mistruths to circulate. (Refer to Friday Rave 43)


However, good people will not be silenced! 


With this threat of future censorship on social media pages and possibly fines, the ‘Friday Rave Blog’ provides a future communication channel via email subscriptions. I encourage you to subscribe and share the email with others. 

For a further detailed explanation of why I developed the Blog. (Refer to Friday Rave 50)

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Aim and Objectives


To protect freedom, Judeo-Christian values, and future generations' welfare by opposing and stopping the Marxist attack on Christianity and the family.


OBJECTIVES to achieve this AIM are to:

  1. Present to people information supported by evidence that they normally won't hear from the globalist- elite controlled mainstream media.

  2. Challenge WHY people support an issue, which brings critical thinking skills into play.

  3. Empower people to speak up and inform others.

  4. Promote action to prevent the implementation of the cultural and global Marxist political agenda.                (Vote No is an example of action. Refer to Friday Rave 48 for more information)

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