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FRIDAY RAVE 48 - The indigenous people are not to be played as pawns for political change

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

NO with a black pawn

The term ‘political pawns’ can be defined as a group of people manipulated and later discarded by those controlling them to implement a desired political objective.

Are the architects of the ‘Voice to Parliament’ primarily concerned about the welfare of the Indigenous people, or are the Indigenous people being used as pawns in a game being played by Marxist Communists aiming at political change on a colossal scale?

This is a justified question, not least when we consider the silence of the radical left-wing feminist movement on the issue of transgender sports. This movement has clearly supported Marxist identity politics above the care of female sportswomen being dominated by and injured by deluded/cheating males.

How can it be dispelled when hearing what the architects of the Voice say, while at the same time reading the Uluru Statement: the political agenda, which is at the roots of the ‘Voice to Parliament’ “VOICE, TREATY, TRUTH,” that it isn’t primarily focused on changing our system of government? Are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people being played as pawns to advance Marxist Communist political change? Do you think the radical Voice activists, just like the radical feminist movement, care about people before the Marxist political agenda?

Many of those voting YES for the ‘Voice to Parliament' believe it was initiated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Others (despite Albanese not even being bothered to read the Uluru Statement in full), trust the Prime Minister that the Voice "is a modest request…..a real opportunity” to establish an advisory body to provide representation to the Federal Government so that laws and policies can be shaped to assist in the facilitation of systems that will better and benefit the Indigenous people and communities that need it most.

This all sounds so reasonable that it is no wonder people could consider voting “Yes” yet be unaware that the Voice comes from the evil roots of Marxist Communism. These particular seeds of Communism were planted in Australia in the 1920s based on the National and Colonial Question by Joseph Stalin (Former Communist murdering dictator), under the instruction of the Communist murderer Vladimir Lenin. Aboriginal land rights issues were instigated to eventually work towards establishing a separate Aboriginal nation under communist domination.

If you do not know about the Communist penetration into the affairs and communities of indigenous people, you must view the evidence produced in this 27-minute ‘Secret Communist Plot Behind ‘Voice to Parliament’ Exposed’

As far back as the 1980s, Former Communist Party of Australia member turned whistle-blower Geoff McDonald was warning Australians about the Marxist strategy to infiltrate the ‘indigenous rights’ agenda and establish a separate Aboriginal nation under Communist domination.

(Red Over Black - Behind Aboriginal Land Right 1984)

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Australia’s most far-left Prime Minister has his own links with the Communist Party of Australia, and why, as soon as he was elected, Mr Albanese was so quick to state that he would instigate the Uluru statement “in full” despite, I repeat, not even reading the full document.

Here are some direct quotes from the Uluru Statement From the Heart - which, I repeat, Prime Minister Albanese has committed to implementing “in full”.

- “Constitutional reform must not prevent the pursuit of other beneficial reforms in the future, whether this be through beneficial changes to legislation, policy, or moving towards statehood.”

- “Any Voice to Parliament should be designed so that it could support and promote a treaty-making process.”

- “Treaty would be the vehicle to achieve self-determination, autonomy and self-government.”

- "Following the report of the Special Joint Parliamentary Committee on a Bill establishing the Voice, the Committee should undertake an inquiry into a second Bill establishing an appropriate institution (to be called the Makarrata Commission) to supervise the making of agreements between First Peoples and Australian governments".

Do you agree with Prime Minister Albanese’s claim that what is written in the Uluru statement is simply a “modest request” for representation to the Federal Government?

Can you trust Prime Minister Albanese to tell us the truth about a Voice to Parliament, especially when he has yet to present the full details of how it will be implemented or how it will impact all Australians?

It is a myth, a deception, that the Voice has come from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The Voice has come from Marxist Aboriginals who don’t represent the Aboriginal people. This comment is supported by Australian Indigenous Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, who, in a fiery speech at the National Press Club on Thursday, 14 September 2023, spoke against the Yes campaign for its failure to listen to Aboriginal Australians in remote communities. Senator Price accused Supporters of the Voice to Parliament of listening to the “Qantas-sponsored leaders of the activist industry” instead of Indigenous people experiencing disadvantage.

The following evidence, much of it straight from the mouths of the Voice architects, clearly shows the Voice to Parliament stems from communist roots. In the early days of their campaign, the architects of the Voice didn't hide this; they thought they had the referendum won. The Voice is about Marxist political change, not representation; it is not genuinely aimed at raising the education and living standards of Aboriginal people across our nation.


Here are a few of the key radical Marxists behind the Voice. With their agenda rooted in the evils of communism, do you really believe ‘The Voice to Parliament can bear good fruit that will serve all Australians?

Communist voice architect Thomas Mayo

Listen for yourself to what Thomas Mayo has to say:

“And also to pay respects to the elders of the Communist Party who I think without a doubt have played a very important role in our activism.”

“There is nothing more powerful than building a First Nations voice, a black institution, a black political force to be reckoned with”.

“.............punish politicians that ignore our advice” (that really sounds like simply a “modest request” for representation Mr Albanese 🤥)

Communist voice architect Teela Reid

“What we need is to get back to these radical roots of the Communist Party.”

“The Voice is the first step in redistributing power.”

Professor Marcia Langton (Voice to Parliament Co-author)

A senior Albanese government’s Indigenous Voice to Parliament Working Group member, Marcia Langton has been a communist. She was not just some teen communist, either, but a member of the national committee of the Communist League, crusading to destroy capitalism, even before she joined the equally Marxist Socialist Workers Party in 1977.

“People who are opposing (the Voice Referendum) are saying we are destroying the fabric of their sacred Constitution. Yes, that’s right, that's exactly what we’re doing”. Professor Marcia Langton

Aunty Pat Anderson (Alyawarre Elder)

“Uluru Statement is about treaty” Pat Anderson

Rita Panahi exposes the true agenda of the Voice, including Noel Pearson disclosing the objective of the Voice TREATY

(‘“Uluru Statement is about treaty”: Voice advocate Pat Anderson says ‘quiet bit out loud’)

“Our aspiration nationally…… to have a voice to the Parliament, and once we have a representative body, we will seek to negotiate a treaty with the Australian Parliament”. Noel Pearson

Knowing what the inner city Marxist architects of the Voice have said, can you still vote ‘Yes’ on the mistruth/deception that the Voice has come from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia?

Do you think these radical Voice Marxists who don't represent the three hundred-plus Indigenous tribes in Australia are primarily focused on political change or the welfare of the Indigenous people?

Notwithstanding Bob Hawke’s classic declaration that Australia should have “no hierarchy of descent” and no “privilege of origin”, Peta Credlin maintains “The fact that entrenching a race-based Voice in the constitution has become the PM’s signature project shows how far to the green-left Labor has shifted in a just a couple of decades”.

With the weight of evidence I have viewed, I fully support the following statement by David Walter Truman for the Richardson Post:

“There is a hidden agenda by the architects of the Indigenous Voice to gain power for a select group by a soft coup, not with guns and hard violence, but with rhetoric, bullying and a low-information referendum. It is NOT about reconciliation but about changing our system of government”.


I've included for you further Commentary on addressing the Voice to Parliament in the following Friday Raves.


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Friday Rave 35 - Speaking up against a bad idea is not racist

The following interview (8 min 28 sec) on 2SM with an Indigenous lady called Sandy IS A MUST LISTEN.

Acknowledgements to Gary Toft and other unnamed sources who contributed to today's Rave.

PS If you agree with my words, please stand with me to speak up by Liking and Sharing the rave. If you click on the meme, a share button should appear.

This is not a time to be silent. The YES campaign is funded with millions of dollars from globalist corporations. However, we, the people, are far more powerful, but only to the extent that we are courageous enough to stand up.


With Australia focused on the political issue of the Voice to Parliament, most Australians have been distracted from standing up against a serious threat to freedom and our nation's sovereignty on health issues, the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty and the May 2022 and May 2023 International Health Regulation (IHR) Amendments. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please make it a priority to read the contents of this Friday Rave:

FRIDAY RAVE 41 - A message to the Albanese Labor Government and Dutton Liberal Opposition.

Please take action; don't leave it to somebody else

Australia must opt out of the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty and support of the IHR Amendments or we will be automatically opted in.

Isn’t it distressing that none of our politicians, bureaucrats or MSM has even mentioned what is creeping up on us while our attention is misdirected away by The Voice debate? Stealth!

Marcia Langton the Voice is about destroying the Constitution


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