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FRIDAY RAVE 47 - 12 Questions to Albo about The Voice

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

12 Questions to Albo The Voice Trojan horse

The following 12 questions have been emailed to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese for a response (I won't hold my breath waiting for one). For those voting YES or UNDECIDED, I hope you find the questions challenging and awakening. For those voting NO, I hope the questions further cement your vote. I encourage people to share the questions so that people don't vote 'Yes' emotionally uninformed.

1. Do we really want to become an Australia divided in two according to race? Is that what we really want our Constitution to say?

2. How can a 24-member ‘Voice to Parliament’ speak for the Indigenous people when there are well over 300 tribes- and when, historically, it has never been culturally acceptable for one tribe to speak on behalf of any other tribe?

3. With 11 Indigenous Members in the Federal parliament, what will ‘The Voice’ achieve that they can’t?

4. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) was abolished due to documented embezzlement, corruption, obstruction of police and rape charges. In addition, ATSIC was found to have been detached from local communities, failing to implement successful changes on a regional level. How will ‘The Voice’ not simply repeat the failures of ATSIC in its legislated task of nationalising a response to complex issues that should be addressed by local indigenous communities and government entities?

(The demonstrated left-wing Age Newspaper 2003, once upon a time when it was able to report some truth: )

5. How will ‘The Voice’ improve the lives of our most marginalised Indigenous Australians?

6. All Indigenous sovereign claims over the land are outside of the Constitution. Will you, Prime Minister Albanese, provide a verified, signed document before October 14, 2023, which states that the corporate government of Australia:

a. Will not supersede Indigenous sovereignty of the land;

b. Will ensure that no Indigenous tribal lands are taken away; and

c. Will ensure that no Australian will lose their land - neither now nor in the future - to any entity, including but not limited to the globalist elite of the United Nations?

The following interview (8 min 28 sec) on 2SM with an Indigenous lady called Sandy explains where this question comes from. IT IS A MUST LISTEN

Sandy’s comments are supported by numerous Indigenous people, including Grandmother Mulara, who is not only an Aboriginal Senior Lore Woman but also holds a Juris Doctor in colonial law. (At least watch from 28min to 35min)

7. Will any advice from ‘The Voice’ that the government rejects be subject to reconsideration by the High Court?

8. Will any legislation that the parliament passes that is not approved by ‘The Voice to Parliament’ be subject to reconsideration by the High Court?

9. Can it be unequivocally ruled out that ‘The Voice’ will result in forced payment of reparations to Indigenous people, and if reparations are to be paid, how will this be paid? (i.e. Will it be calculated as a percentage of GDP, and/or be paid through increased Land Rates for all citizens …………….) Will this be a capped percentage or on an increasing scale - 1%, 2%, …..5% ……10%? Will it be in perpetuity?

10. What protections are in place for a Treaty that would differentiate between racial groups so it is impossible for the change to be abused in 3 or 30 years' time by any future Indigenous Australians and/or Australians who identify as Indigenous? Do you acknowledge that no Australians must ever be subjected to reverse apartheid?

11. If an ancestry stretching back before 1788 entitles those possessing it to an extra say over everything the government does, how can we keep telling migrants that they are every bit as Australian as the descendants of those who came on the First Fleet or those who occupied Australia before 1788?

12. Will ‘The Voice’ result in a wholesale rewriting of Australian history from a grievance perspective - or even an embittered, vindictive standpoint?

Further Reference

‘No’ means no: the sensible case against the Voice Mark Powell


The writer believes ‘The Voice’ is a Trojan Horse’. Deliberately designed and potentially being implemented to unleash a radical Global and Cultural Marxist agenda. An agenda that will change how our country is run and will threaten our democratic way of life. Before responding to these questions and assertions, please watch the following video.


The term ‘Trojan Horse’ traces back to the history of ancient Greece to the story of a huge wooden horse that the Trojans unwittingly pulled into their hitherto protected fortress city. As they slept that night, a small band of Greek soldiers came out of the horse, who then opened the gates and let in the rest of their army, destroying Troy and winning the Trojan War.


PS If you agree with my words, please stand with me to speak up by Liking and Sharing the rave. If you click on the meme, a share button should appear.

This is not a time to be silent. The YES campaign is funded with millions of dollars from globalist corporations. However, we, the people, are far more powerful, but only to the extent that we are courageous enough to stand up.

Sent to Prime Minister Albanese

Sent to the Leader of the Opposition, Peter Dutton

Sent to the Liberal Federal Member for Lindsay Melissa McIntosh

Sent to Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price


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