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FRIDAY RAVE 26 - Delusional and harmful leftist thinking exposed

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Jordan Peterson eating bugs

A brilliant mind, Dr Jordan B Peterson, challenging the intentions of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and exposing the delusional and harmful thinking of leftists.

Should you be worried about the WEF? Interview with Dr. Jordan B Peterson (Canadian psychologist, author, and media commentator) (16 minutes that must not be missed, as Peterson exposes much and hopefully challenges you in his own brilliant way)


“I am not a fan of the WEF. I am not a fan of globalist utopians. I think there pretentious and ignorant beyond comprehension”

Peterson exposes central planners (such as the WEF and WHO) and those denying local sovereignty, including the sovereignty of our nation.

Last week’s #FridayRave focused on the threat to our nation’s sovereignty - “Who do our politicians actually serve, Australia or the agenda of the Globalist elite?”

The WEF/WHO globalist alliance is threatening our nation's sovereignty through the World Health Organisation's Global 'Pandemic Treaty'.

Peterson exposes the threat to freedom of ‘Carbon Load Reports’ for all purchases, which will, in all probability, result in:

- Taxes on carbon usage

- Taking away the privilege of air travel or owning a car

Peterson exposes all the trillions of dollars spent since 2005 on unsuccessfully trying to lower the world's temperature. According to the United Nation’s own climate model projections, the trillions of wasted lives lost, and living standards lowered have reduced the temperature of the planet by a whopping, wait for it, 1/10000th of a degree

(What a joke, if it wasn’t for the fact that millions of Australians have been deceived or manipulated by fear - time to wake up to the hoax and call out ALL politicians who perpetrate globalist agenda, starting with our climate crazy Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese and his henchman to destroy Australia's Industry, Chris Bowen.


Jordan Peterson challenges those who claim to care about the poor and oppressed, however support the globalist WEF-driven man-made climate change agenda, which pushes those in poverty over the edge of the cliff with a doubling of energy costs and a doubling of food costs.

The Left claims they “care about the poor and oppressed, however, when push comes to shove, they are perfectly willing to sacrifice the poor to their futuristic utopian delusion of a post-capitalist society”. (Put in another way, supporting the globalist WEF-driven manmade climate change catastrophic hoax, without caring for the millions who will die because of what they are supporting).

“Is it going to save the planet sacrificing millions who are going to actually die now, for a hypothetical saving of lives in 100 years?” (Peterson)

“I am not very happy with people who are willing to sacrifice other people to their utopian delusion, we saw a fair bit of that in the last 100 years already (i.e. Marxism has killed over 100 million people in just over 100 years), and I think the WEF types fit very nicely into that category, and so I’m not very fond of them let’s say. And I don’t think they have your best interests in mind. You. And your carbon load”. (Peterson)

Please take the time to Like and consider sharing if you agree with what is written. We must never be afraid to speak up.



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Don’t be fooled by this – “In 2021, the global mean temperature was about 1.1°C above the pre-industrial level (from 1850 to 1900)” The Answer to the deception

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