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FRIDAY RAVE 29 - Protect NSW from Climate Crazy politicians and protect children

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Protect NSW from Climate Crazy politicians and protect children from the Marxist transgender ideology being pushed in schools.

Mark Latham is a rare voice of all-round common sense in Australian politics, opposing a flood of political madness.

Here are two interviews that I put forward as evidence to the above statement and encourage people to watch and consider them when voting for the Senate (Upper House). NSW needs the older and wiser Mark Latham of 2023.

1. Mark Latham, interviewed by Andrew Bolt, as he exposes the total insanity of climate change policies, that ultimately achieve nothing, except destruction. Throwing away cheap and reliable energy is pure insanity.

Please also note in the video from 9 minutes 30 seconds, how Mark Latham will act if he has control of the balance of the Senate.

2. Mark Latham on the George Christensen Show 19 March 2023 as he exposes the deals the Liberal Party have done with the Greens and the insanity of NSW following the climate change, Green Agenda of NSW Treasurer Matt Kean, whose policies are supported by the ALP. In this interview, Mark also stands up against the “child abuse” inflicted by the left-wing push for gender fluidity in schools. Mark also speaks up against the crippling debt problem.

Mark Latham stands for such things as:

- Halting the transition to a disastrous green energy economy (He opposes the insane policies enforcing the globalist Marxist man-made climate change catastrophe agenda “They are sleepwalking us into blackouts”

- Dropping vaccine mandates for the experimental vaccine that didn’t stop a person catching or spreading COVID-19. (Complete madness that mandates still operate in some areas)

- Opposing the ever-growing insidious Marxist LGBTQabcxyz agenda attacking innocent children.

- Opposing the Late-term killing of unborn babies which was supported by former Liberal Premier Gladys and the ALP (In all fairness, this was opposed by Dominic Perrottet)

- Opposing that babies surviving a failed abortion attempt being left to die, by not being given medical assistance. Such inhumanity was supported by former Liberal Premier Gladys and the ALP (In all fairness, this was also opposed by Dominic Perrottet)

- Supporting religious freedom and, with it protecting ALL Australians now and, in the future, (Refer to #FridayRave on 10 March 2023


In the Lower House it is important that voters don’t throw out of parliament, politicians who have stood against the evil agendas of globalist Marxism and Cultural Marxism.

Lower House Liberal MP, Tanya Davies is one such person, and Blue Mountains Liberal candidate Sophie Bruce is another True-Blue Conservative. I am not aware of any ALP candidates who oppose the following three issues

- oppose the Globalist Marxist Manmade climate change agenda

- oppose Cultural Marxism (Identity politics, woke agenda)

- oppose the attack on freedom of religion

Please add in the comments section any Coalition (Liberal or National) and ALP politicians, who oppose all of the above three issues. These people are the type of politicians from the mainstream parties that we want in our parliament.

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