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FRIDAY RAVE 30 - Do you trust the government to always act in the best interests of its citizens?

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Mr Bean   Clown World

Some people have been very courageous in speaking up when they see wrong. Catholic Priest, Father Daniel Nolan, doing a sermon on “Madness”, is right up there with the best of them, as he exposes the past 100-year history of factual cases (on the public record), where the US government hurt its citizens and used them as experimental guinea pigs.

“Those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it”

“Knowing what has happened in the past, gives us something to compare the present with”.

Father Daniel Nolan

Father Nolan, in his sermon, exposes the US Government, providing evidence of how the government used its citizens as experiments The following examples, on the public record, are referred to

The Tuskegee Syphilis experiment 3 min 52 sec

The Vanderbilt Nutrition Study 6 min 11 sec

The Atomic Energy Commission 7 min 17 sec

The CIA initiated Project Bluebird 8 min 39 sec

Project Bluebird, which continued as MK Ultra 10 min 05 sec

"Authorities have lied in the past.

The government has lied in the past.

They have knowingly cost people their lives".

Knowing what medical experts have done in the past and now through the Covid years, should be a warning bell to naively believing that medical experts in the future, should be blindly trusted when the next pandemic is unleashed upon us.

The exposure of the mistruths of government medical experts during these recent COVID-19 years should be an awakening to future responses. BUT WILL IT?

Will you act the same way you did during the Covid-19 years?

Will you turn on family and friends because of the medical choices they made?

Will you be so willing, without question, to support a government that got it so wrong (i.e. lockdowns, which dismantled economies and ended more lives than they saved? A government that got it wrong about the efficacy of masks, which were nothing more than symbols of submission to big government overreach as it violated our freedoms, all under the guise of protecting us)

“Trust the science. Trust the experts”.

We heard this message of indoctrination over and over again.

Did you succumb?

It is worth noting the point Father Nolan makes in how the media in the 1970s was very different to the media of today. In the 1970’s, it was good that there were hundreds and hundreds of different media institutions, vying with each other to be the best. However, now there are only six media organisations. Six conglomerate corporations that control the world's mainstream media - CNN, NBC, CBS, Time Warner, ABC and Fox News. Six Corporations own everything, and six people decide on the information everybody gets.

Father Nolan raises WHAT IF questions at 15min 23 seconds, He concludes the ‘What if” questions by discreetly exposing Bill Gates with the words “But the GATES of Hell will not prevail”

What happens when a country turns its back on God (16 min 38 sec) to replace him with science and so-called experts?

“Trust the science, trust the experts, that’s not science, that’s faith. Believe the experts, trust us and put your faith in us. No argumentation, no hard questioning, no scrutiny, just trust. What was being asked essentially, is to render, under the government and the medical communities, a pious submission of our mind and will. Don’t ask questions, don’t resist, believe what we tell you, do what we tell you”

During the past Covid years, there was a mass formation of Australians who trusted government authorities. The government misused this trust, as it enforced, for the first time in our nation, soft totalitarianism. If you disagree, you must have been in a coma during those COVID years of government overreach, as freedom was attacked. The people must never give the government the power to act like this again.

This superb video of Dr. Pierre Kory’s Speech – Covid Vaccines & Effects Tour – Sydney, Australia 2023 is a must-watch, and I agree with a comment I read “incredible. Insightful, witty, emotional and shocking – this speech is one you don’t want to miss”

This video supports what Father Nolan has said as it exposes Big Pharma and its relationship with the government. Dr. Pierre Kory exposes how millions of lives were lost because of governments protecting the profits of big Pharma when a cheap Nobel Prize-winning drug was readily available.

“Those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it”, and as Dr Kory says numerous times “we are living in a clown world”.

Hopefully, in response to the next pandemic, which will be accompanied by government and mainstream media fear campaigns and the shutdown of dissenting speech, the Australian people will be awake to the fact that they must not blindly trust the government. Innocent, hard-working citizens and their families must never again hand over power, to a government acting to implement the Marxist globalist agenda, of the globalist elite fascists. Government must serve the best interests of the people, not the globalist masters from the WEF/WHO alliance, and we as citizens must stand up and be accountable for holding the government in check.


“Those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it”

King Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun,” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). “In terms of repeating past mistakes, this is certainly “nothing new.” Time and again, from one generation to another, humans are known to ignore history and make the same errors made before them. Thus, they are doomed to repeat the same troubles that others have gotten themselves into in previous generations”.

I do shake my head in disbelief at foolish people who advocate for a socialist (far-left) Australia. How can you just Ignore the huge death toll (100 million plus) over the past 100 years of failed Marxist rule? How ridiculous to think that if Marxism is done differently, this political ideology, stemming from the work of the evil Satanist Karl Marx, would have a different outcome. Just check out how it recently turned out for Venezuela if you need a reminder.

In conclusion, I leave you with the wise words of Father Nolan. In his closing words, a strong message to all of us, whether biblical historical Christians, non-Christians, or deceived progressive Christians.

“God is our saviour and no one else. God alone is all good all knowing, all just and all merciful. Only God can never deceive or be deceived. Trust in him alone, not in the government, not in the media and not even in church leaders who are increasingly abandoning church doctrine (i.e. to support Marxist identity politics - homosexual marriage). God bless you all all in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost”. Amen

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