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  • Andrew Stewart

Friday Rave 32 - Wise words by an old minister said over 50 years ago.

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Wise words by an old minister said over 50 years ago.

“There is a time to remember history and a time to forget history. When history is remembered as an inspiration, it is good; when history is remembered as a means of maintaining divisions, it is a curse” (Dr. William Barclay)

Is “The Voice” really about caring for the needs of Indigenous people or a weapon being used by Marxists?

Marxist Critical Race Theory looks to cause division between black people and white people. It aims to cause chaos to create the grounds for political change. Marxists look for things to be outraged about, and history is one of them.

With Australians voting 11 Indigenous politicians into the Federal Parliament, the Indigenous people well and truly have a voice. So I suspect ‘The Voice’ is the latter, a weapon, a Trojan horse using history as a means of maintaining division to cause future Marxist political change.

Did You know Professor Marcia Langton, a senior member of the Albanese government’s Indigenous Voice to Parliament Working Group, had been a communist? Not just some teen communist, either, but a member of the national committee of the Communist League, crusading to destroy capitalism, before joining the equally Marxist Socialist Workers Party in 1977.

Handing the control of Australia’s future to inner-city Marxists, through history being remembered as a means of causing division, is not a wise response to any past wrongs in our nation's history.

We must learn from history so that we don’t make the same mistakes. However, we must not respond in such a way that we put future generations at peril.

We must never forget one of the facts of history that Marxism has failed in every country that has attempted it (Venezuela the most recent failure), resulting in death and destruction. The legacy of Marxism is over 100+ million deaths in the past 106 years. Something to think about if you are considering voting ‘yes’ and giving a blank cheque to inner-city Marxists.

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