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FRIDAY RAVE 45 - Make the time to become aware, understand and take action

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Instant coffee vs Regular brewed coffee

People of voting age must act responsibly and make the time to become aware, understand and take action on crucial issues threatening our nation.

In this technological age where information is only a few clicks away, there is no excuse for being ignorant of the current threats to freedom that Australia is facing.

In this age where many people are time-poor, there is still no excuse not to prioritise time to learning and deepening one’s own understanding of what is happening.

In these threatening times, it is essential that all voting-age citizens who love our country and want to protect others allocate time to stand against evil.

In an age when we are loaded up with nonsensical jobs with nonsensical compliance requirements (i.e. “BS jobs”, as described by Mattias Desmet in his book ‘The Psychology of Totalitarianism’) to occupy our lives and fill our minds so that we don't have the time to think - and to distract us from what is really going on. People must resist these attacks and make time to learn and understand how they are being herded like sheep to a predetermined outcome by a group of people. American Thomas Sowell 1995 named this group of people “The Anointed”, who we today refer to as the globalist and cultural Marxist elite. Australians have got to wake up. We must realise that our nation is being attacked in a global war on freedom and democracy. This has all been accelerated by the Covid years, which could be summarised as the globalist elite seizing the opportunity to bring about a “great reset” of capitalism that they had been planning for longer than we have been alive.

Such essential information can not be learned by just reading a paragraph or watching a 3-minute video. It is imperative that we all take the time to watch quality informative videos, to read at length about the issues of the day, and not be afraid to discuss it with other people. We need to act. This knowledge must then be followed by action, as not only will your future be by the choices you make on this, but also the futures of those much younger and yet to be born. This Friday Rave contains what I believe are some quality videos, books and links to information that are worth getting seriously curious about. My objective is to assist any of you who are time-poor to help fast-track your research so that people can be better and better informed. We need to base our decisions and actions on rational and critical thinking, especially when faced with such threats to our freedom.

Australian soldiers, for well over a century, had to leave their families, put their careers on hold and be transported to foreign countries to risk their lives. Over 102,000 never returned. They had to give up so much, and all we need to do is sit at a computer, sipping coffee or something harder and safely type away…………. or attend a safe, peaceful protest rally. If these soldiers could speak to us now, what do you reckon they would say?

Most people are unaware of the real danger they and their children, grandchildren, and loved ones face. Too many people dismiss the danger as the thinking of crazy Conspiracy Theorists. I do recall back in 2015 when I was first speaking up at length against the threats of Cultural Marxism, I was labelled a “conspiracy theorist wearing a tin foil hat”. Unfortunately, since then, cultural Marxism has spread like cancer through so many Western institutions. Wokeness, political correctness, cancel culture, Identity politics, critical race theory, queer theory, radical feminism, postcolonial theory, etc, now threaten our democratic way of life in our beautiful country.

Many people are so busy raising their families, just making ends meet, that concerns for the future welfare of this nation become a distant thought or just something they can't take on.

For most of our youth in their 20s and 30s, it is a time to focus on establishing careers while enjoying the many wonderful and exciting things living in a democratic country offers. The majority of this age group (at their probable peril if the slide to a global Marxist totalitarian government doesn't stop) have limited interest in the politics being outplayed and are apathetic to the threatening issues, excluding those pushed by a Marxist education system and a globalist Marxist mainstream media, notably the man-made climate change catastrophe hoax.

Naturally, many Australians in their later years will feel tired, feeling that they have done their bit, and find themselves more concerned with enjoying the years they have left.

Too many of us are just deceived by viewing and listening to the indoctrination of mainstream media, which is controlled by only six globalist Marxist corporations. Putting our trust in Marxist politicians and bureaucrats who have “marched” (infiltrated) to deconstruct the major institutions supporting a Western nation founded on Judeo-Christian values - education, government, law, Christian churches, the arts, etc. - too many of us have just sunk into some numbed complacency.

Whatever the reasons, we have allowed our nation to arrive at a crossroads where voting-age people must: stop being silent, stop selective ignorance, and stop the apathy (“It’ll be right mate”). We must encourage each other to stop leaving it to others to fight for us. We must TAKE ACTION to resist Marxist Totalitarianism, an ideology that can ultimately only result in the loss of freedom and the deaths of millions, as well as an ongoing loss of capacity we had for maintaining Freedom and Democracy. Only one of the realities can win. If you are unclear on what I am talking about, I encourage you to read last week’s Friday Rave (#44), which focuses on this issue and provides practical suggestions for what we can all do.

Here are the three critical issues I addressed in that Friday Rave:

1. The handover, by traitorous governments (Morrison and Albanese) of Australia's sovereignty on health matters to the World Health Organisation (The WHO), controlled by its second-largest donor, Bill Gates.

2. Free speech being censored online (which will be only the start of a slippery slope). What next?!

3. An act of stealth and treason, ‘The Voice’ referendum, which could result in the handing over of parliament, elected by the people to serve the people, to unelected Marxists/Communists who have infiltrated Indigenous communities.

FRIDAY RAVE 44 - Marxist Totalitarianism… or Freedom and Democracy. Which one are you going to allow to win?

Anyone knowledgeable about Marxism knows it is responsible for over 100 million deaths since the Russian Revolution of 1917. Marxism is damaging so much around the world, including the core culture of our nation. If you don’t know what I am talking about, it is time you started getting up to speed with the outplay of this evil agenda - to see for yourself its insidious effects on society.

Here is one of the best speeches that I have seen exposing the threat to our nation from both Global and Cultural Marxism:

Woke: A Culture War Against Europe | James Lindsay at the European Parliament

(This speech is so good that I intend to unpack it in a future Friday Rave.)

The Voice to Parliament exemplifies this Marxist (Communist) cancer. Yes, it is clearly a major threat to future freedom.

So that you won’t be deceived by anything - including feelings of guilt that will be thrust upon you in the final lead-up to The Voice referendum, here are two resources worth viewing before you cast your vote later in the year:

How can Australia create positive social and economic outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples without changing the constitution, damaging our democracy, creating racial division and long-term social and political impacts?

Many well-intentioned Christians have been misdirected and deceived by Marxist doctrine. It was transformed into what it is today largely through the works of Italian Antonio Gramsci (1920s) and the Frankfurt School of Germany (1930s), to change culture - and using created oppressed minority groups who would be the foot soldiers for political change. Rather than applying the principles of Biblical justice, good people think they are standing for something honourable as they instead inadvertently advocate the Marxist agenda of Social justice.

I encourage both Christians and Non-Christians to read this quality book.

‘NO REASON TO HIDE - Standing for Christ in a collapsing culture by Erwin W. Lutzer.

Another excellent book is ‘Why Social Justice is Not Biblical Justice’ by Scott Allen.

More on the satanic Karl Marx can be found on this link to a post I wrote back on 2 July 2020 on a book recommended by the Voice of the Martyrs, ‘Marx and Satan’, by Richard Wurmbrand.

I will conclude this Friday Rave with the words of a wise and intelligent American Thomas Sowell, from his 1995 book ‘Vision of the Anointed - Self-congratulation as a basis for social policy’. This book, which has been described as “a masterpiece”, is so relevant to our 2023 world, with the unelected globalist Marxist elite attempting to control and destroy nations from beyond their borders. Traitorous Cultural Marxists, supported by deceived virtue-signalling social justice warriors, are tearing apart our nation from within.

“The full dangers of the vision of the anointed (i.e. globalist and cultural Marxist elite) can not reveal themselves immediately. Even the anointed themselves are currently under at least the residual influence of traditional, philosophical, religious and moral inhibitions. To the extent that their vision prevails and endures, however, successive generations of the anointed will be less and less under the influence of these eroding traditional constraints, and the pure logic of their vision can operate more fully. Conversely, among those not convinced of this vision's virtues, the spirit of resistance may well erode, and the sense of outrage at its consequences become dulled by the accumulation of precedence for policies and actions that once might have been considered intolerable. In the anointed, we find a whole class of supposedly thinking people who do remarkably little thinking of substance and a great deal of verbal expression. In order that this relatively small group of people can believe themselves wiser and nobler than the common herd, we have adopted policies which impose heavy costs on millions of other human beings, not only in taxes but also in lost jobs, social disintegration, and the loss of personal safety. Seldom have so few cost so much to so many”. Thomas Sowell (1995 and as if written for 2023)


PS If you agree with my words, please stand with me to speak up and share the rave. If you click on the meme, a share button should appear.


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