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FRIDAY RAVE 25 - Who do our politicians serve, Australia or the agenda of the Globalist elite?

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

walk away so politician drops

(Contains a letter you could copy and send or adapt and send to politicians)

I encourage Australians, who care about our nation and the welfare of both younger and future generations to speak up and write to politicians objecting to the signing of the globalist World Health Organisation's Pandemic Treaty. Politicians must be questioned on where they stand on this most threatening issue to freedom. Are they for Australia or for their globalist elite masters?

As stated in last week’s #FridayRave :”Surely all voting Australians will not tolerate and support with their silence, both sides of parliament signing over our nations sovereignty on how to deal with future pandemics to the World Health Organisation (WHO)”.

Here is a copy of a letter I intend to send to 20 Australian politicians from both sides of parliament, as the sell-out of Australia, to the globalist agenda is being done by both major parties in the parliament. Australians must be more discerning as to what they are really voting for and vote for politicians who represent the best interests of our nation and ALL its people. Globalist politicians must be removed from both major political parties, and letters such as this help expose the globalists.

Please feel free to use and adapt this letter. It only takes 90 seconds to speak up.



To the Member for Macquarie (Change for your Federal Member and others)

Susan Templeman

This letter is to voice my objection to both the Coalition, under former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese’s Labor Government, supporting the agenda of the globalist elite and signing/ supporting the World Health Organisation's Global 'Pandemic Treaty'.

In 2022 both the Coalition and Labor jointly supported handing over control of future pandemic responses to the WHO. It was only a number of African nations, who didn’t vote for the Pandemic treaty, that protected Australians from losing their sovereignty on this issue.

Shouldn’t it be elected Australian politicians protecting the sovereignty of our nation? Not the voting pattern of African countries. Countries that are now having the globalist elite pour money into their nations to buy their future votes?

Why did politicians from both sides of parliament support giving up Australia’s sovereignty, on pandemic management, to unelected foreign bureaucrats of WHO? Bureaucrats who showed what failures they were in dealing with COVID-19. Further, WHO is led by Ethiopian Marxist, director-general, Tedros Ghebreyesus, who China supports, is not even a medical doctor and was alleged to have been 'complicit' in failing to record or even identify cholera outbreaks in Ethiopia back when he was a health minister.

The Australian people in 2022 voted for Australian politicians to make political decisions that are accountable to the people on how such decisions are implemented and managed. Giving away the power to unelected foreign bureaucrats, to make the decisions for future pandemic responses takes away the accountability of politicians to the voting public.

Do you, as a member of parliament, support the watering down of our democratic process, by handing the responsibility of pandemic responses to foreign unelected bureaucrats, with no medical qualifications and a failed track record?

Elected politicians must take responsibility for government decisions and not palm decision-making and accountability to unelected bureaucrats, who in all probability, serve the globalist agenda of One World Government and not the best interests of our democratic nation.

Thankfully the WHO recently received a setback, and well done to Senator Malcolm Roberts.

The World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the WHO, was forced to reject the International Health Regulations amendments, governing how states respond to public health emergencies. However, Australia’s sovereignty is not safe from the WHO, if the Global ‘Pandemic Treaty' is ratified (in another attempt) later in the year, resulting in Australia’s policy on the detention of individuals, restriction of travel, compulsory health interventions such as testing, inoculation and medical examinations, and restrictions on freedom of speech would be set by the World Health Organisation.

Are the two major Australian political parties just simply incompetent or sell-outs to their globalist elite masters? Do you, as an elected member of parliament, serve Australia or the WEF/WHO Alliance (globalist elite)? You can’t have two masters.

It is actually beyond comprehension (except for the fact of being in bed with the globalist elite and their agenda) that the majority of Australian politicians, from the major parties voted for the WHO to control Australia’s future pandemic responses.

A WHO, who has:

a. As its second-largest donor, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which makes billions of dollars from its influence on the WHO agenda through its pandemic vaccines.

b. Initially, failed to scrutinise China’s role in the Covid outbreak.

c. got it so wrong with the handling of Covid

• wrong about lockdowns, which dismantled economies and ended more lives than they saved.

• wrong about the efficacy of masks,

• Wrong about the dangers of COVID-19 itself

• Wrong about the safety and efficacy of the mandatory mRNA injections, which don’t prevent one from catching or transmitting the virus and are linked to adverse events including myocarditis and death, including the totally unnecessary death of young children

I respectfully request a written response to this correspondence. Should I have unfairly grouped you as a globalist sell-out of Australia, with other politicians from both Labor and the Coalition, I do apologise for such an insult.

It would be good for the voting public to know which politicians we can trust to make decisions for our national best interests and the welfare of the citizens. I hope you are such a person.

I ask that you take a public stance opposing the global ’Pandemic Treaty’ of the WHO. Please note, your silence, regarding this major threat to our nation's freedom, will be deemed as supporting this attack on Australia’s sovereignty and evidence of who you really serve.

“Not to speak is to speak

Not to act is to act”

Australians must not suffer the fate of being ruled by unelected and unaccountable health “experts” with questionable ties to big pharma, foreign adverse interests such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and controlled by the globalist elite agenda of the World Economic Forum WEF/WHO Alliance. I hope you are of the same mindset. If not, I hope you will be open to recognising the damage you will be responsible for, as you support the globalist elite and change from what you have supported. Australia must come first.

Yours Sincerely

Andrew Stewart

Sent to

- Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

- Leader of the Liberal Party Peter Dutton

- Senator Penny Wong ALP

- Susan Templeman Labor Member for Macquarie

- Melissa McIntosh, Liberal Member for Lindsay

- Senator Jacinta Price (Nationals) with some additional words of encouragement for standing up against Marxist critical race theory in the form of ‘The Voice’

- As an encouragement to two outstanding politicians, Senator Rennick and Senator Antic

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3 days ago

My Info was that The USA gave 60 Million us dollars to produce a vaceen to stop a potential

virus that could be used in warfare as a weapon.the Chinese who this was directed at made the reply

that they do not have such a virus so could not do it.The US said do it anyway and make a VIRUS.

Bill Gates knew all about this and bought a lot of shares in Medina Pharma. And has made a Heap.

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