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  • Andrew Stewart

FRIDAY RAVE 11 - Do as I say, not as I do

Updated: Apr 11

Aeroplanes from Davos and a bowl of worms

Let’s hope that people are waking up to the manmade climate change fear campaign, that the globalist elite themselves don’t subscribe to, as evidenced by their hypocritical actions at COP27.

Using rational thinking, how can anyone take the climate crisis seriously when:

1. There is NO empirical data (without cherry-picked starting dates) supported with evidence, of a manmade climate change catastrophe.

2. Those who tell us to take it seriously show no evidence of taking it seriously.

So concerned (not) about the impact of their carbon footprint contributing to a global warming catastrophe, the globalist elite, including politicians from around the world who recently met at COP27 (27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), couldn’t even pretend to set an example for the rest of us. We, the masses, whom they want to impoverish with their globalist political agenda, which rides on the back of the manmade climate change catastrophe hoax. Please don’t forget what Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, told us “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy”.

So concerned about CO2 emissions causing a catastrophic temperature rise, the globalist Marxist elite hypocrites, are reported to have arrived in their four hundred private jets into Egypt during COP27 to:

1. lecture us about emissions and the sins of wanting affordable heat, food and travel.

2. Discuss wealth redistribution from the West, which is at the core of the Globalist Marxist, Paris Agreement of 2015.

So concerned about a catastrophic temperature rise, the globalist Marxist elite hypocrites, , didn’t have a bug or worm on their plate, as they gorged themselves on what they tell us to eat less of. Are you aware that the globalist Marxist elite and their dodgy climate change scientists are trying to tell us that we need to consume less meat, as cow farts are contributing to destroying the planet? Reducing meat consumption is an agenda from the 1968 Club of Rome, as was open borders, depopulation and the use of global warming as a world crisis to achieve global governance.

Scottish author and political commentator Neil Oliver (who I featured in last week's #FridayRave said: “They’ve come to lecture us about eating less meat while they sit down to menus featuring beef, chicken, salmon, and sea bass and cream sauces. This is not the leadership that we are seeing now, it’s desperation, it’s trolling us, proles, on a galactic scale”.

FURTHER Commentary from which I hope challenges those deceived, to start caring for the people who are living now and stop supporting the globalist agenda of the religion of climate change.

“Expensive energy is not a problem for those with private jets; it’s a nightmare for the impoverished”.


“The poorest in the world are already suffering to appease the guilt of the richest who fly around the world in private jets from their mansions and penthouses. The super-elites are the world’s greatest personal polluters but feel no guilt as they outsource the burden of living carbon net zero to others, with their get-out-of-jail Monopoly carbon credit swaps. It’s hard to take seriously a celebrity who thinks climate change is such a crisis that he or she buys a beachfront property (sea levels rising?) and makes no meaningful changes to address his or her duplicity. It’s the poor who should change, not us! How can this level of hypocrisy continue?”

For those who are still deceived by the manmade climate change catastrophe hoax, surely the hypocrisy shown by the Globalist elite at COP27 is stirring the brain cells to question, their actions, which expose that they really aren’t serious about manmade climate change catastrophe. Worth reading Glenn Beck’s “The Great Reset” if you want further insight into the real agenda, as it’s not about saving the planet from C02 (also known as plant food).

If you are from the left side of politics and want to read a book from a lefty exposing the fraud, it is worth reading Michael Shellenberger, author of Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All. Shellenberger, recently pointed out: “UN climate talks aren’t about the rich helping the poor. They’re about bribing corrupt leaders in poor nations to leave their fossil fuels for rich nations.”

According to Mr. Shellenberger, “fanatical elites” are not pushing the climate agenda because they want to save the planet but because “they are against cheap energy and industrial capitalism because they lift up ordinary people and close the gap with the elites, who want distance and inequality.”

Further reference used in this rave

James Morrow: No time for concepts of distance, inequality


Michael Shellenberger claims that climate change and species extinction are not terribly threatening. Shellenberger tells us that poverty is actually our most urgent threat, and environmentalists, by blocking industry and artificial technologies, are working to keep the poor forever poor. He is contemptuous of anti-nuclear activists as well, who fight against what he claims is the only source of energy that is “abundant, reliable, and inexpensive,” and able to “power our high-energy human civilisation while reducing humankind’s environmental footprint.”


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