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FRIDAY RAVE 28 - Deceived by the Climate Change Agenda

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Climate change pixies in the garden

How long will people continue to be deceived into believing in a climate crisis that doesn’t exist? A hoax used to redistribute wealth and change the power structure.

You don’t have to have the investigative skills of Sherlock Holmes.

Do some research beyond the mainstream media, apply your powers of deduction, and discover that it’s about political change, control, money and evil minds imposing their mentally deranged self-anointed visions upon the world. It's never been about protecting the environment.

(Research the 1968 Club of Rome)

The Club of Rome

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts exposes the climate hysteria in this short 3-minute video, where he also exposes and discredits the CSIRO.

“As an engineer, I respect and consult scientists, because lives have depended on it and still do. As an engineer educated in atmospheric gases and as a business manager, I was responsible for hundreds of people’s lives, based on my knowledge of atmospheric gases. I listened to scientists, I cross-examined scientists, and I debated the science. I have never found anyone with logical scientific points, based on empirical scientific evidence, that shows we have anything to worry about at all”.

Before you dismiss Senator Roberts, have you ever asked yourself the question?

Suppose he is so wrong with what he claims, why won't the globalist politicians from the ALP, Coalition and Greens, publicly debate and discredit him with empirical data supported by evidence?

Why don’t they?

Empirical data (without cherry-picked starting dates), supported by evidence, doesn’t exist.

Here is an example of the cherry-picked data which has deceived so many.

Ignoring the fact it was much warmer in previous periods (2 degrees Celsius above the current temperature during the Roman Warm period).

Fear has been spread because the earth is now 1 degree Celsius above the 1850 temperature, with climate change models predicting pending doom to the planet.

What isn’t highlighted is that 1850, is believed by scientists, to be when the earth reached its lowest temperature point in 10,000 years.

Isn’t it, therefore to be logically expected that the earth would go through a temperature rise (recovery) after falling to an extremely low point?

Nothing unusual has happened except a clever fear campaign of misinformation.

(Oh, don't forget those polar bears that were going to be extinct but are now thriving, and the building program on those sinking Maldives is pretty impressive)

“Those who understand the science, understand that it is fundamental, humans can not and do not affect the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is controlled by nature entirely”.

(Senator Malcolm Roberts).

This claim by Senator Roberts is supported by renowned Physicist Professor William Happer.

For those with an open mind to learning from someone who knows C02, Professor Happer exposes the faulty climate models that help drive manmade climate change hysteria. “Playing with numbers to get a desired outcome is not science, that is science fiction”.

Unfortunately, because of the deception of Globalist indoctrination and ‘mass formation’, too many people are not open to having their position challenged by the facts.

If you still have an open mind, here are some A Grade videos from renowned physicists.

World In Midst of Carbon Drought (w/ Prof. William Happer, Princeton University)

Carbon Dioxide is Making The World Greener (w/ Freeman Dyson, Institute for Advanced Studies)

In conclusion, I will finish with the words, of the man who, in all probability, knows C02 better than anybody else in the Australian parliament, Senator Malcolm Roberts.

“There is no danger, temperatures are not unprecedented. We need to come back to the science, not the so-called experts that the Greens talk about, not the pixies at the bottom of the garden. Come back to the science, the empirical scientific evidence and base policies on that.”

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