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FRIDAY RAVE 20 - Wise reflections about Australia Day

Updated: Jan 14

Australia Day Anthony Dillon

Despite the attempts of the Marxist left to airbrush our history, ALL cultures have committed past wrongs, including the Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia, before the British arrived.

These words by Anthony Dillon are the way forward, ignoring the divisive calls of predominantly inner-city Marxists to “Change the Date”, as Australia Day approaches.

“This Australia Day I will reflect on what some of our British ancestors did to some of my Aboriginal ancestors and think, “So what. That has nothing to do with how I relate to my fellow Australians today. To all of you I say… ‘HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY’ “

Anthony Dillon

Back in 2017, Anthony Dillon addressed the left's arguments in an article he wrote about Australia Day, which is worth reading.

Anthony Dillon The Daily Telegraph December 28, 2017

"As someone who identifies as part-Aboriginal, I suggest that if the protesters truly cared about the Aboriginal people, they would be out protesting about the appalling conditions that far too many of them live in.

The conditions I refer to are mostly in remote communities and are characterised by poverty, unclean living conditions, violence, child abuse, foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, high rates of suicide, and unemployment.

I can guarantee you the people who live in these conditions are not the slightest bit concerned about Australia Day celebrations.

Protesting will not help them — protesting is more about the needs of protesters than the wellbeing of Aboriginal people".

"Sadly, opposition to Australia Day serves only as a huge distraction from the more pressing aforementioned problems facing Aboriginal people. People protest against Australia Day on the assumption that celebrations are harmful to Aboriginal people".

"We are told to celebrate Australia Day is disrespectful and is a celebration of genocide.

This is ridiculous; I do not know of one person who on January 26, while cooking a snag on the barbie or throwing a frisbee in the park, is celebrating genocide. Do you?"

"For those who are not as extreme as the genocide accusers, they still claim that celebrations on January 26 hurt Aboriginal people.

Again, this is silly.

To suggest to Aboriginal people they are hurt by Australia Day celebrations is to suggest their emotional wellbeing is fragile and under the control of those who do celebrate on that day".

"And bans and protests ignore the fact that many Aboriginal people celebrate the occasion without feeling hurt or offended.

While these people acknowledge historical injustices, they do not feel shackled to history. They realise the empowering truth that we are never victims of the past, but only ever victims of our view of the past".

"I will take protests against Australia Day celebrations seriously when I hear those Aboriginal people who live in appalling conditions claim they are suffering because of the celebrations".

"I am going to have fun on Australia Day, socialise with friends, spend a short time reflecting on the good and bad that came with the British invasion, and appreciate what a great country I live in”.

Anthony Dillon is a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at the Australian Catholic University and identifies as part-Aboriginal

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY TO YOU ALL ON THE 26th JANUARY and here is a great clip with some beautiful photos

to celebrate the day

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