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FRIDAY RAVE 33 - Protect Woman and Girls

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Lia Thomas delusional men in women's sport

After listening to American swimmer, Riley Gains' recount of what happened when she was forced to share a locker room/change room with biological male swimmer Lia Thomas, I felt compelled to write to my Federal Member of Parliament. I encourage you to do the same, to protect women and young girls from the Marxist-woke transgender movement.

Men in women’s toilets are bad enough, but men in women’s change rooms/locker rooms is just not on. Good people must not be silent about such immoral developments. Would you like your daughter or granddaughter to be forced to change in front of males?

Riley Gains Interview with US Congressman Dan Crenshaw

To the Federal Member for Lindsay

Melissa Mcintosh

This correspondence is to raise with you a serious issue being caused by the infiltration of the Marxist Woke Transgender Movement into women’s sports. I felt compelled to speak up after viewing a video account of Riley Gains, a 12-time All-American swimmer with 5 SEC titles, and what happened when she was forced to share a locker room/change room with a biological male swimmer, Lia Thomas.

I ask that you please take the time to watch this short video, and I am sure you will be concerned with what is exposed.

Not only are delusional males, cheating to win women’s sporting competitions, they are now being permitted in the US to use the same change rooms as biological women athletes. Depraved men exposing their genitals to women and watching female athletes get changed is blatantly wrong, and it must never be permitted to happen in Australia. Female athletes’ rights to safety, privacy, and dignity must be protected from the Marxist woke agenda, which uses the transgender movement to help march towards its political objective. The silence of the radical feminist movement on this issue is sickening, however, expected, as the Marxist agenda comes before the care of women.

Girls’ and women’s change rooms have been designed exclusively for people with female bodies, and for good reasons. Those reasons include biological differences between women and men; women’s right to privacy; and protection from potential male violence against women, by evil/perverted males (the ones who give the majority of men a bad name), in such forms as sexual harassment, assault, and rape. These reasons remain valid. Therefore, access to female athletes’ locker rooms should be restricted to female athletes and not delusional males, who think they are something that they are not or perverted males claiming to be female so that they can get into women’s change rooms.

A handful of politicians, which includes Senator Clair Chandler, Senator Alex Antic and Sarah Game MLC, are bravely speaking up against the Marxist transgender movement to protect women’s sports.

Could you please share what actions you have taken to protect women’s sports and to protect women and girls from having their privacy and persons violated, by being forced, either now or in the near future, to change in front of males?

If you have been silent, you are part of the problem Melissa McIntosh and I respectfully challenge you to find your voice and stand with the brave politicians who have a moral compass, know truth from fiction and are standing up to protect women from delusional/perverted males who need mental help.

I would like a response to this correspondence, and if you are prepared to take a stance to protect women and girls, I will gladly publish the correspondence I receive.

Yours Sincerely

Andrew Stewart



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