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FRIDAY RAVE 37 - Speak Up Against Madness, Don’t Affirm It With Your Silence

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Cow painted as a zebra

They are coming for the children; we must speak up against such evil and protect them.

We must speak the truth and not be afraid to call out madness.

The Progressive Marxist cultural agenda drives this madness and we must speak up against evil. "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil".

(attributed to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor who lost his life speaking up against the evils of Nazism)

I acknowledge that those who read the Friday Rave come from different backgrounds and belief systems. However, whatever your belief system is, I encourage you to make time (55 minutes) to not only be informed but possibly challenged by this quality video - A Biblical Response to the Transing of America / Romans 1:18-28 by Pastor Gary Hamrick

"What is happening in corporate America, what is happening in girl's sports, what is happening on College campuses and in public schools, as it relates to the gender confusion and sexual perversion and the woke agenda is complete and utter madness" Senior Pastor Gary Hamrick

It is madness if you think you can become a woman by taking a few pills and cutting off a body part.

It is madness and tragic when society supports confused children and young adults to self-harm by cutting off perfectly healthy body parts. The Marxist progressive movement is toxic, sacrificing young people in the vandalism of their bodies to attack God’s creation.

It is madness when parents lawfully can’t protect their children from the gender confusion instigated by a Marxist education system and the bombardment of destructive leftist influence through their mobile devices. If a five-year-old son insists that he is a girl, in some States of Australia, parent/s are prevented from seeking any help – medical, psychological, behavioural, spiritual, social or otherwise – to assist their son in understanding and accepting that he is a boy,”

It is madness when delusional men dressed in drag are permitted to read storybooks to children (Drag Queen Storytime)

Surely public libraries could ask more appropriate adults to read to children (i.e. retired citizens)

It is madness when biological boys and men compete in girls' and women's sports, rob them of victories and use their change rooms.

(Friday Rave PROTECT WOMEN AND GIRLS 19 May 2023)

It is madness when an overweight bloke can win a Miss America beauty pageant. It would appear to some deranged minds that men are now better at being women than women.

It is madness "when Target is selling women's bathing suits that are tuck friendly".

It is madness when approved reading material in the school system is so pornographic that when a pastor reads excerpts of the approved reading material at a public school board meeting, the school board tells the pastor to stop reading it because it is inappropriate, but it is somehow appropriate for children to read (absolute madness)

It is madness when the LA Dodgers baseball team invited to Dodger Stadium an anti-Christian hate group of men dressed up as nuns called 'The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence', whose motto is "go forth and sin more".

It is madness when churches fly the rainbow flag and affirm sexual sin.

(Romans 1 18-32 Says it all. There is no grey on this issue; God gives people over to a depraved/reprobate mind when they reject, remove and replace him).

It is worth listening to how Pastor Gary Hamrick exposes how Satan, through this Cultural Marxist LGBTQ+ agenda, is going for the children just like Adolf Hitler did in Nazi Germany in the 1930's (28 min to 30 min)

This madness is planned madness supporting an intentional cultural evil agenda.(from 30 minutes THIS IS A MUST WATCH)

Wise words from Pastor Gary Hamrick to conclude the Rave.

"Don't cave to the culture, stay strong, stop affirming the delusion, stop perpetuating the madness, stop affirming the lies…….. It is not loving to affirm a lie"

And he puts forward six truths from God's word to counter our culture's lies.

1. God's word is truth and the standard of all that is right and wrong (John 17:17)

2. God designed us male and female (Genesis 1:27)

3. God designed each person with beauty and purpose, being "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14)

4. God designed sex within the confines of marriage between a man and a woman (Genesis 1:28)

5. God designed all races with equal value and worth (Acts 10:34-35)

6. God loves all and died for all, in order to save all who would call upon the Name of the Lord (Romans 10 v 9:13)

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