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FRIDAY RAVE 36 - Take Action Against the Global Pandemic Treaty

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Take Action Against the Global Pandemic Treaty

Surely you can't just sit back and let this happen.

Unfortunately, the below petition closed at midnight on 8 June, and now you will need to take a few minutes to write to your Federal MP, as I have previously done, to stand up.

Petition EN5048 - Australia rejects amendments to the 75th WHA/WHO International Health Regulations

Adoption of these amendments, and the ratification of the new Pandemic Treaty, would result in a highly significant change to global public health governance, permanently undermining, even removing, national sovereignty in a health emergency and handing it over to the WHO and, potentially, their sponsors and funders. This massive overreach by the WHO, whose funding is now largely (84 per cent) from voluntary private contributions (i.e. the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) )and not member states, therefore requires a swift, effective, and robust response from The Australian Government, whose primary duty is to protect the hard-won autonomy of The Australian public and nation”.

You can learn more about just how serious this issue is. (note - replace the word UK with Australia)

Stand up against our government continuing to hand over local sovereignty to foreign entities without our knowledge, let alone our permission.

The globalist Liberal Morison government, supported by Labor and now globalist jet-setting Prime Minister Albanese are, handing our national sovereignty in a health emergency to the WHO and, potentially, their sponsors and funders.


Surely you can't just sit back, do nothing and let this happen. Do you really want our national sovereignty on health emergencies in the hands of:

1. An Ethiopian Marxist (Leader of WHO), supported by China, who is not even a medical doctor and is alleged to have been 'complicit' in failing to record or even identify cholera outbreaks in Ethiopia as a health minister.

2. A WHO, whose second largest donor, makes billions of dollars from pandemic vaccines. “Mr. Vaccines himself, Bill Gates, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is the second largest donor to the WHO” ( #FridayRave 10 February 2022)

3. A WHO, who Initially failed to scrutinise China’s role in the outbreak. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to know why, with Tedros being a Marxist and China playing a leading role in supporting him to get his position as director-general of the World Health Organisation.

4. A WHO that got it so wrong with the handling of Covid

• wrong about lockdowns, which dismantled economies and ended more lives than they saved.

• wrong about the efficacy of masks,

• Wrong about the dangers of COVID-19 itself

• Wrong about the safety and efficacy of the mandatory mRNA injections, which don’t prevent one from catching or transmitting the virus and are linked to adverse events, including myocarditis and death, including the totally unnecessary death of young children

Read more

Friday Rave - Something seriously wrong with voting-age Australians if they are silent to this one.


FRIDAY RAVE 24 February 2023 - Who do our politicians actually serve, Australia or the agenda of the Globalist elite?

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