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FRIDAY RAVE 38- WHO one-size-fits-all-all health care

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Fish out of water trying to escape the net

A WHO one-size-fits-all, health care, where local politicians and doctors will be taken out of the decision-making. Do you really want this?

Do Australians really want failed, unelected bureaucrats of the World Health Organisation (WHO), who got it so wrong with the handling of Covid, who are in bed with Communist China and financed by Mr Vaccines himself, Bill Gates, telling us what we must legally comply with for potential (YES potential, not actually happening) future health care issues.

With many Australians diverted by globalist politicians, mainstream media and businesses to the issue of the Marxist Voice YES or NO issue and the man-made climate change catastrophe hoax, a major threat to our nation's sovereignty is being cemented, with the globalist mainstream media (as expected) barely if at all mentioning it. Unbeknownst to most people, the WHO (May 2023) has made 307 amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) of 2005 in a power grab by the WHO and its Globalist Marxist Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Did you read about this in the media concerning the 307 amendments to the International Health Regulations that the WHO adopted without a vote?

Do you know the potential impact of these amendments on our country and your life?

Like a school of fish not knowing the danger as it swims into a net, most Australians are unaware of the dangers of the WHO and IHR amendments and the WHO “Pandemic Treaty”. Like the fish, where it is too late to escape when the net is drawn in and raised out of the water, it will be too late for Australians to act when our nation's sovereignty on health care is lost to the globalist elite of the WHO.


Before the IHR and WHO global ‘Pandemic Treaty’ are merged together and come into being in 12 months, either by a vote by member nations or just accepted, Australians must stand up and vehemently put pressure on politicians from ALL Parties to protect our nation's sovereignty and freedoms from the WHO power grab, by demanding that the Albanese Government put the interest of Australians above the globalist elite it panders to, and instruct its delegate to the World Health Assembly (WHA), the decision making body of the WHO, to reject the IHR amendments of May 2022 and May 2023, and reject the WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty’before the 27 November 2023.

If you truly care about our nation and the welfare of its citizens (or closer to home, your children and/or grandchildren), you must make the time to listen to one sharp and switched-on lady, Michele Bachman, Former US member of Congress for 8 years and candidate for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

In this 15-minute interview, Michele Bachman covers the power grab of the World Health Organisation (WHO), an arm of the United Nations (UN) and how the IHR amendments and the global ‘Pandemic Treaty’ is being used to lay a platform for global governance.

Michele Bachman exposes how the 307 amendments to the IHR were introduced together with the global ‘Pandemic Treaty’, and the WHO did not vote on it. It was just accepted, with ”the expectation that these two documents will be merged and synthesised, and one year from now will be voted on or without dissent, will be adopted by the World Health Assembly.”

This will result in creating a platform that all 194 nations members of the WHO will yield their decision-making authority on health care to the WHO.

Unelected failed bureaucrats of the WHO, who will be setting the health care settings for nations:


Vaccine mandates

Mandating boosters

Mandating mask wearing

Mandating church closures

Mandating school closures

Mandating small businesses shut down while global cooperates are open (i.e. Woolworth, Coles)

The list of WHO interventions to hurt Australians and steal their finances will continue as the globalist elite becomes wealthier.


Further, without a vote by member nations, the Unelected bureaucrats at the WHO have announced that it will use the European Union’s (EU) Digital Vaccine Certificate model as a global vaccine certificate framework. This brings the concept of a global vaccine passport closer to reality. A cashless society with a global digital currency will follow. If you are not concerned, you really should be.

Do you want Global digital ID QR codes on your smartphone managed by the WHO, who, as mentioned earlier, got it so wrong with handling COVID-19?

FRIDAY RAVE 17 February 2023 - Something seriously wrong with voting-age Australians if they are silent to this one.

This is what you will get if you remain silent. The WHO will have the say on everything, and our cell phones will have the say if we are compliant or not. You won't be able to get on a train or plane unless you conform to what the WHO says, as the global ID will contain your health records and vaccine records. No train ride for you if you have only had 7 vaccines and the WHO mandates that you must have 8.

Before you dismiss the above, please keep reading and watching the videos in this post.

The term “conspiracy theory” is thrown at people to discredit what they are saying; the left is very good at name-calling to shut down debate and free speech. If you do your own research and look beyond the boundaries of the globalist Marxist mainstream media, you will find evidence supporting what Michele Bachman is saying.


Don't be fooled by politicians or commentary stating that Australian sovereignty won’t be impacted, should the IHR amendments and global ‘Pandemic Treaty’, come into being in 12 months and be adopted by the approval of Australia’s delegate to the World Health Authority. There won't even be a vote by our globalist-dominated left-wing parliament. The impact is explained briefly in this short 14min video by Dr John Campbell, “International Health Regulations”

Article 1 - The International Health Regulations are no longer non-binding for member States - Australia will lose its sovereignty over healthcare. We will be taking and acting on instructions from the WHO and, with that, the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Article 2 - Scope and Purpose

“Public Health risks” has been removed so that the WHO can involve itself in any risk it deems as having the potential to impact public health (i.e. the potential to impose a climate change lockdown if the WHO Director-General decides that climate change is a potential risk to the public)

Article 12

Determination of an international public health emergency alert can be activated “if the Director General considers that a potential or actual public health emergency of International concern exists. (It doesn’t have to be real, just potential)

Article 13 The Australian government will recognise WHO as the “guidance and coordinating authority of an International health response and “UNDERTAKE TO FOLLOW WHO RECOMMENDATIONS”

And numerous more amendments giving power to the Director General of WHO to dictate how Australia will manage a health risk or potential (not actually happening risk)


The Globalist Scott Morrison Liberal government signed away Australia’s Health care sovereignty, which was approved by Labor in Opposition when Australia’s delegate to the WHA signed the WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty’ in November 2022. Only the resistance of African nations stopped the Pandemic Treaty from being passed through the WHA

The globalist Albanese Labor Government did not stand up against the WHO movements at the Geneva meeting in May 2023. Silence is giving consent, and the Albanese Labor government supports handing away Australian healthcare decision-making to the unelected and failed bureaucrats of the WHO.

This should be a concern to ALL Australians. I encourage ALL Australians to bombard their elected Federal Members, and protest against the actions of our Federal government, selling out Australia to the globalist elite. In your letter, state, “I do not approve of Australia losing its sovereignty on health, due to new pandemic prevention measures proposed by the World Health Organization, including the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty”.


New international health regulations, James Roguski

World Health Organization Power Grab - Part 1 with Guest Michele Bachmann Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk

World Health Organization Power Grab - Part 2 with Guest Michele Bachmann Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk

Dr Robert Malone: When Governments deploy psy-ops on their citizens, 'sovereignty becomes obsolete.'

In this video, Dr Malone puts forward a potential way that the WHO will enforce its actions

WHO new treaty with British MP Andrew Bridgen, a brave man of principle

FRIDAY RAVE 9 June 2023 (Focus - WHA/WHO International Health Regulations)

TAKE ACTION - Surely you can't just sit back and let this happen


FRIDAY RAVE 24 February 2023 - Who do our politicians actually serve, Australia or the agenda of the Globalist elite?

FRIDAY RAVE 10 February 2023 - “The media has cooperated to keep people distracted, numb and dumb" Russell Brand

“Having questioned numerous people this week with a simple question – “Have you heard about the WHO Global ‘Pandemic Treaty’?” I found it concerning how very few people knew anything about this treaty which threatens our nation's sovereignty”.

I hope the many hours of research have helped you become aware of a threat most politicians and globalist-controlled mainstream media are not discussing. It would be wise to take action, as it's too late when instructed by the WHO back into lockdown and forced to have ineffective experimental vaccines with adverse side effects that are being underreported. (Thats the subject matter for a future Friday Rave)

Please don't be afraid to hit the "Like" button if you support what has been written or have found it helpful to challenge/ make you aware. Please also help ''Share" the information so we have many more informed citizens about what our politicians are doing.

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