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FRIDAY RAVE 39 - A letter to Peter Dutton to oppose the WHO Pandemic Treaty

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

jet setting Albanese

A letter to The Leader of the Opposition, Peter Dutton, challenging him to speak up and be the leader Australia needs

To the Leader of the Opposition

The Honourable Peter Dutton

Dear Mr Dutton

This communication expresses concerns regarding the actions of the World Health Organisation and its grab for power, which will impact our nation's sovereignty and the future welfare of all citizens.

I disapprove of Australia losing its sovereignty on health, due to new pandemic prevention measures proposed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), including the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the ‘Pandemic Treaty”.

Recently, without a vote by member nations, the unelected bureaucrats at the WHO have announced that it will use the European Union’s (EU) Digital Vaccine Certificate model as a global vaccine certificate framework. This brings the concept of a global vaccine passport closer to reality. Through the WHO, it would appear that the United Nations is laying a platform for future global governance and fulfilling the One World Government dream of the globalist elite.

The Morrison Coalition government (of which you were part), supported by Labor, and now the Labor Albanese government, have threatened Australia's sovereignty about health issues and pandemic responses. Both supported the signing of the WHO global 'Pandemic Treaty'. Recently, the Albanese Government did not oppose the WHO’s move towards a digital passport and the 307 amendments by the IHR.

The following few amendments to the IHR regulations in May 2023, which Australia's World Health Assembly (WHA) delegate consented to through silence, are evidence that Australia’s sovereignty on health care will be lost to the unelected globalist elite of the WHO.

Article 1 - The International Health Regulations are no longer non-binding for member States - Australia will lose its sovereignty over healthcare. We will be taking and acting on instructions from the WHO and, with that, the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Article 2 - Scope and Purpose

“Public Health risks” has been removed so that the WHO can involve itself in any risk it deems as having the potential to impact public health (i.e. the potential to impose a climate change lockdown if the WHO Director-General decides that climate change is a potential risk to the public)

Article 12

Determination of an international public health emergency alert can be activated “if the Director General considers that a potential or actual public health emergency of International concern exists. (It doesn’t have to be real, just potential)

Article 13 The Australian government will recognise WHO as the “guidance and coordinating authority of an International health response and “UNDERTAKE TO FOLLOW WHO RECOMMENDATIONS”

And numerous more amendments giving power to the Director General of WHO to dictate how Australia will manage a health risk or potential (not actually happening risk)

Do you, Mr. Dutton, support unelected bureaucrats of the WHO setting the health care settings for Australia?

- Shutting down borders

- Enforcing lockdowns

- Mandating vaccines

- Mandating boosters

- Mandating mask wearing

- Mandating church closures

- Mandating school closures

- Mandating small businesses shut down while global cooperates are open (i.e. Woolworth, Coles)

As you would be aware, Mr Dutton, the May 2023 IHR amendments and global ‘Pandemic Treaty’, come into being in less than 12 months and will be adopted by the approval of Australia’s delegate to the World Health Authority. It won't even come before parliament to decide the matter.

Why are you, Mr Dutton, not speaking against the IHR amendments and advocating our national interests MUST come before giving away our decision-making to the globalist elite of the WHO? Your silence is seen as being complicit. Is the Dutton Liberal Party also a supporter of the globalist elite agenda?

The WHO failed the world in regards to its handling of Covid, and Socialist Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the current Director General of WHO, who was a failed Health minister in his own country of Ethiopia, must not be permitted to dictate to Australia regarding pandemic management.

I respect you, Mr. Dutton, for how you dare to stand up and oppose the divisive Marxist-driven ‘Indigenous Voice to Parliament’ and support the alternative source of reliable energy, to fossil fuels, for our nation, nuclear energy. However, you appear to be silent about the threat of Australia's sovereignty on health care matters being handed to the unelected bureaucrats of the WHO, and this is concerning

I ask Mr. Dutton that you consult with two Liberal Senators, Alex Antic and Gerard Rennick, who are both knowledgeable men and have been voicing their concerns regarding the matters I have raised. Australia needs more politicians such as these men who dare to stand up for truth and swim against the flood of global and Cultural Marxism trying to destroy the Judeo-Christian values our nation was founded on and our democratic system of government.

Our jet-setting globalist Prime Minister Albanese is cuddled up tight to his globalist mates worldwide. Australia needs a leader whose feet are firmly planted on Australian soil and who dares to speak up to protect this nation and the welfare of its citizens. I ask Mr. Dutton that you be that man to speak up vehemently and oppose the WHO Pandemic Treaty and both the IHR amendments of May 2022 and May 2023.

Your leadership will potentially force the globalist mainstream media to report this serious matter, which they are intentionally being silent about so that the public is unaware of what is happening until it is too late to speak against it. Public upheaval will pressure Prime Minister Albanese to instruct his appointed WHA delegate not to accept the IHR amendments and the WHO "Pandemic Treaty', thus protecting Australia's sovereignty on health care.

I respectfully ask for a reply to this communication as it is a severe matter, threatening the future welfare of our nation.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Stewart

(Previous Liberal Voter, until the Party bowed to the lies and immorality of Cultural Marxism and sold out Australia to the Global Marxist elite)



I encourage ALL Australians to send a letter to Mr Dutton and bombard their elected Federal Members, protesting against the actions of our Federal government, selling out Australia to the globalist elite. It doesn't have to be long. Please feel free to copy and send this letter if you agree with it.

Contact Details for Peter Dutton


FRIDAY RAVE 23 June 2023 - A one size fits all, international approach to health care, where local politicians and doctors will be taken out of the decision-making. Do you really want this?

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