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  • Andrew Stewart

FRIDAY RAVE 8 - People are waking up to the lies

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Man whipping but more and more stand up to resist

Thankfully people are waking up and speaking up against the lies.

When during Covid, governments closed churches, however, brothels could remain open as essential services, that should have been a loud wake-up call that something was wrong.

As we all know now, the COVID-19 vaccines did not stop transmission despite the false narrative of prominent politicians worldwide, including those here in Australia. Here is a link of US President Biden, Dr Fauci and others telling lies to the people.

DID YOU HEAR that a Pfizer Director at a Covid hearing, when questioned by Dutch Member of Parliament Rob Roos, admitted that Pfizer did not know whether the Covid vaccine stopped transmission before rollout?

Please don’t trust me, listen to it yourself, it’s in the first minute of this video, which discusses the issue in detail.

IF globalist politicians and the globalist Mainstream media could lie to us and spread so much fear over COVID-19,

- “Get vaccinated for others” - always a lie

- “Unvaccinated People could “Wind up killing your grandmother” another lie - Democrat Andrew Cuomo - Former Mayor of New York (similar words used by many).

- Mandates were instigated on a lie

SHOULD people be so trusting, that globalist politicians and the globalist mainstream media are telling the truth about manmade climate change catastrophe? Is it possible they are lying on this 1968 Club of Rome invention?

(ie Invent a global problem, that requires a global solution, that requires global governance to control it - GLOBAL WARMING as a political weapon was born, although later changed to ‘Climate Change, because inconveniently for the global warming agenda, the earth went through an extreme cold spell in the mid-1970’s.

It is important more people start questioning and exposing the great lie of manmade climate change catastrophe. Before roasting me for such a statement, could you please take the time to watch this A-grade video by a distinguished Physicist from Princeton University, who knows how CO2 works?

Professor William Happer, exposing the truth about CO2

Children and teenagers are being hurt, and It is so wrong that innocent young lives are being impacted by unnecessary fear and anxiety because of this manmade climate change catastrophe lie/hoax. Thankfully some leading environmentalists are speaking up to try to protect children, with Michael Shellenberger (from the political left) in his book “APOCALYPSE NEVER – Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All saying, “On behalf of environmentalists everywhere, I would like to formally apologise for the climate scare we created over the past 30 years,” 3 July 2020

Here is a good article by my friend Bill Muehlenberg (Bill Muehlen) who writes in relation to the Covid crisis, his words are also relevant to manmade climate change catastrophe:

“In various ways, the resistance is nicely taking shape and fighting back. And not a moment too soon”.


‘We all know that the three hardest words to say in English are “I was wrong”. Admitting you erred or fell for a con job is never easy. But it is the mark of intellectual integrity to do so”

The Covid period was and continues to be a hard time for some, as families still grieve with losing loved ones, individuals have to deal with the effects of vaccine damage as well as the other damage caused by the way governments dealt with the issue. This rave was to challenge people blindly trusting politicians and the mainstream media, with most showing that that they are unashamedly perpetrators of lies. Sad days and it really is the time for good people to stand up and not be silent. Time to protect the children.



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