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FRIDAY RAVE 68 - The Tide Can Turn if you have the courage to stand up and be counted

The Tide Can Turn

There are good people speaking up and fighting back against the sinister, woke Marxist agenda. 

One such man leading the charge in Australia is the former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, the Honourable John Anderson.

John Anderson is a ‘fair dinkum’ Aussie - what-you-see-is-what-you-get. A man of substance who was respected in a way that very few of our current politicians and bureaucrats can legitimately claim to be. John deserves to be acknowledged as the genuine article, thus a senior and vastly more respectable statesman than so many others, past and present, including on the international stage. 

In this interview with the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), John Anderson exposes the truth about the evil woke agenda while also giving hope that just as evil was defeated in 1945, it can be again. 

The video is in 3 parts:

Part 1  John Anderson shares a message that all good Australians who care about the welfare of people and this nation should listen to and ACT ON. Western civilisation is at a critical juncture in its history and what we do next is crucial. (31 minutes)  

Painting stripes on a cow doesn't make it a Zebra

Part 2   Messages from the ACL State Directors across Australia sharing what wonderful work the ACL is doing around Australia. This includes speaking up to stop the evil transgender movement trying to harm innocent children, as well as trying to protect babies that survive the process of their mother trying to kill them through having an abortion.

Part 3  An excellent Q&A session with John Anderson. One point I like that John Anderson raises is the fightback happening among young white males who are fed up with being

attacked by the woke agenda, which attempts to demonise them. 

identity politics

Australia is under attack from within by Cultural Marxism, also known as ‘Identity Politics’.

Marxist identity politics is the politics of traitors to our nation and “useful idiots”. (ie social justice warriors or spineless fools who think you can appease evil)  

“A nation divided cannot stand” (Abraham Lincoln), and Marxist identity politics aims to cause division in Australia and throughout the West to make it fall. Identity politics divides people into the oppressed and the oppressors with the aim of destroying democracy and replacing it with a totalitarian Marxist utopia.

I am a Christian, white, male, heterosexual, conservative who is unvaxxed and knows that manmade climate change catastrophe is a hoax/scam. I am, by Marxist left-wingers, one of the most despised people in the country. Add in that I am a Manly Sea Eagles Rugby League supporter, and my hate points go through the roof. Hahaha.  

I am not prepared to be idle and accept Cultural and Global Marxists driving division in our country.  This division of hatred to destroy Christianity and the Family is being led by radical Marxist movements - LGBTQIA+, Feminists, Racial Groups (ie Black Lives Matter), and now Muslims, rallied by Marxists using indoctrinated, naive, brain-dead university students to preach hate and division. Australia is also being attacked by the globalist elite to cause division through such issues as the manmade climate change catastrophe hoax/scam, pandemics, digital currency, digital ID ……….  

Lion protecting cubs

This is why I speak up Friday Rave 59 - Why I speak up

Australia needs more citizens to join people like John Anderson, myself and others in fighting back. Woke is evil and divisive as is the globalist elite agenda. They both must be extinguished by exposing the truth in love and by not being prepared to support a lie. 

Australian Coat of arms

We don’t have to be aggressive and nasty. However, we MUST NOT be silent nor take a backward step. Don’t forget our national coat of arms is the kangaroo and emu, two animals that can’t step backwards. In 1915 our ANZACS showed what Australians were made of. The COVID-19 years exposed how far Australians today have fallen since 1915. It is time to pick up and regain the Aussie fighting spirit we once had as a nation to protect freedom, or it will be lost forever. 

White Feather - Coward

Are you standing up to expose the truth about evil and oppose it, or are you wearing a white feather and leaving it to others? 

If you agree with the contents of this Friday's Rave, please join me in standing up against evil by ‘Liking’ and ‘Sharing’ the Rave on social media and email. 


I encourage you to subscribe free of charge to the Friday Rave.

Man standing up encouraging others

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May 30
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


I think you know where the Hall family stands on this issue. Keep up the good work.


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