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FRIDAY RAVE 65 - Are you a “useful idiot” on the issue of man-made climate change catastrophe?

Useful idiot wearing a dunce cap

Useful idiot” is a political term attributed to the Russian Communist murderer Vladimir Lenin to describe naive people who stand for what they perceive as a noble cause but are oblivious to the fact that they are being manipulated or exploited to advance a cause or political agenda at their own peril.

Are you awake to the manmade climate change catastrophe scam, or have you been naive, at your own peril, supporting a sinister Marxist globalist agenda, dating back to the 1960s?

This Friday Post is dedicated to the brave scientists who showed the courage to speak up against the man-made climate change catastrophe scam and its threat to freedom.

Scientist corrupted by money

When you watch the following video, you will see what scientists seeking the truth have had to endure for having a spine. Hopefully, you will be horrified enough to see that climate change science has nothing to do with discovering the truth. Hopefully, you will act on it, as your silence is being complicit.

CLIMATE: THE MOVIE: (The Cold Truth) by Martin Durkin, released on 21 March 2024  (1 hour 19 minutes)

“The film that lifts the lid on the climate alarm, and the dark forces behind the climate consensus”.

Here is a short preview of this quality movie

John Clauser Nobel Prize

The previous Friday Rave - FRIDAY RAVE 64 - Sunk Cost Part 2/3 Are You experiencing ‘Sunk Cost’… when it comes to the man-made climate change agenda?, I wrote and released it before seeing ‘Climate The Movie’. I am pleased to share that my research and the quality sources of information (eminent scientists) dovetails with the findings in this video.

Friday Rave 64 was written to make it easier for people, particularly the time-poor, to access quality information from eminent scientists and investigate further this crucial issue confronting society. 

If you are not awake to the political agenda behind the use of the fabricated environmental man-made climate change catastrophe scam, you MUST make the time to watch this video and read Friday Rave 64 (11 minutes) and do further investigating. Ignorance is no excuse, and people must stop being “useful idiots” as they support an evil political agenda. 

The manmade climate change catastrophe scam threatens society. Marxist globalist technocrats from the UN/WHO/WEF alliance, abetted by the globalist-controlled mainstream media and a Marxist-dominated education system, deceive and misdirect people using misinformation, disinformation and propaganda. 

What are you going to do about it?

Sunk cost sinking paper boat

Unfortunately, many will just keep supporting the globalist Marxist message of deception misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and diversion/misdirection, for no particular reason but to march with the mob. (Learn more FRIDAY RAVE 63 - Part 1/3 Are You experiencing ‘Sunk Cost’… and can people do so without knowing it?)

“Those who believe without reason cannot be convinced by reason.” James Randi

Others will behave like ostriches, just sticking their heads in the sand or being complicit in their silence. We must all learn more about the danger of silence and speak up.

Hopefully, there will be others who will have an inner resolve to stand against evil and an unselfish desire to protect the ones they love now and into the future. 

Below is a letter of action that was sent to me by a fellow Christian Australian patriot and subscriber to the Friday Rave who writes for 'Freedom and Heritage Society'. I have altered the letter slightly, and with his permission, it has been posted for you to read and use as a model to write your own letter to the Senators of Australia and your local Federal MP. 


I encourage you to use the parliamentary process and speak up, as I have, by writing to both Federal and State Coalition MPs. Unfortunately, the Labor Party is completely constipated with the globalist elite agenda and is not capable of moving a motion in parliament that serves the Australian people above its Marxist globalist elite masters from the UN/WHO/WEF alliance.

Dear Member for ________,


I think you know that the Coalition’s Net Zero policy brought in by Scott Morrison is classic “me-too” garbage.   


If you haven’t seen it already, please watch this video – made by a large number of highly reputable senior scientists – about the powerful delusion being perpetrated upon us.


 CLIMATE: THE MOVIE: The Cold Truth  - Martin Durkin (1 hour 19 minutes)

The final objective of this imposed delusion is to condition us to accept and even be oblivious to ever-increasing government restrictions of freedoms and, ultimately, one world government. The aim is to numb us into believing all of this is necessary to deal with a bogus “planet-wide emergency.” Working in collaboration, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN) Head, Antonio Guterres (“Mr Global Boiling”), are a massive danger to our freedoms.


I implore you to talk with your colleagues to pressure the Coalition to stop acquiescing with the prevailing false narrative and to instead take a principled stand.


Marxist education system

Of course, it will be difficult. The education system continues to turn out brainwashed products, almost devoid of any real capacity for critical thinking. Since the 1970s, public media (Their ABC) was captured and has been tightly held by the Marxist intolerants. That was when Allan Ashbolt came into the ABC and started the process of recruiting only leftist clones.     


The Liberal Party needs to set itself a target at ALL levels of government to take back the education system and the ABC from the left.  

Malcolm Turnbull was a dangerous globalist, and not surprisingly, he is also a narcissist. That is a heady combination. Scott Morrison blew it on Net Zero, but I hope and pray that Peter Dutton will lead with more conservative fire in the belly, driven by the vital fundamental value of TRUTH. ‘Net Zero’ is based on a lie.


The climate emergency scam has captured CEOs of many companies, all pursuing the aims of Woke Capitalism. This results in the ceding to corporations not only legal authority (in contempt of democratic processes), but also moral and political authority. It is cementing the concentration of political power among a corporate elite.  

Woke Capitalism is a response by corporations that have been targets of the activist Left WING. 

YES, going woke is a strategic decision by the big corporations to appease left-wing governments who would otherwise destroy them with taxes and boycotts. It is actually corporate conservationism—a fiscal stay-of-execution from the profit-killing axe of the activist Left. The activist Left is more or less placated, and customers are reassured of a company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. ‘TRICKED INTO TRUSTING’! 

But of course, customers have been brainwashed by the all-pervasive narrative in schools, in universities, in broadcast and print media, and rampant among politicians (headed by the imbecile Chris Bowen) and ALL with only a few honourable exceptions. 


What cynicism from these CEOs! They promote themselves and their companies as socially responsible, stakeholder-driven, and even ethical. But many of them engage in elaborate tax avoidance practices, illegal tax evasion, pursuing monopolistic control of the markets they operate in, and vicious price gouging (e.g., Australian dairy farmers and small business suppliers). They pay workers as little as they can and move operations around the world to get the cheapest labour possible. Utter hypocrisy.


Member, I despair of where we are heading unless the major “conservative” party takes a principled stand, becomes genuinely determined to lead the public debate … and inject some sanity into it. It can be done—as we saw with the brilliant success of Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and Warren Mundine in stopping the disgraceful subversion of the Constitution by the Aboriginal Industry’s gravy-train Voice.


Australia needs you to be awake and standing up vocally against the globalist Marxist man-made climate change catastrophe scam. It is a scam that is already lowering the living conditions of many, A scam that will ultimately destroy our country and cause the loss of many lives as our nation moves to be a Marxist Totalitarian State under the control of the UN/WHO/WEF alliance. 

I encourage you, Member, once again to watch the video and also do some research. ‘One World Government’ and ‘depopulation’ are the ultimate goals of the evil technocrats driving the real WEF agenda, one that dates all the way back to the 1968 Club of Rome

What part are you going to play? However, please don't forget that silence is complicity. 

Yours sincerely,




Phone number


Whether they were part of the deception or deceived, politicians are now suffering from the sunk cost phenomenon. Their reputations would be on the line for the billions of dollars wasted, the lives lost, the psychological damage from the fear campaigns, and the drop in living standards because of the false climate change narrative. The narrative is driven by a global elite who openly show contempt for their own rules as they fly in their jets to Davos, Switzerland, each year.

We, the people, must challenge them and call them out publicly in vast numbers. We must not be complicit in our silence.


Expose the truth by posting and refuting alarmists using selected Climate Change memes 

If you agree with the contents of any of this Friday Rave, please join me in standing up by ‘Liking’ and ‘Sharing’ the Rave through social media and email. 


I encourage you to subscribe free of charge to the Friday Rave

GOOD TO FINISH WITH A LAUGH "How dare you" Greta is not laughing

Education System indoctrinating children on climate change


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