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FRIDAY RAVE 63 - Part 1/3 Are You experiencing ‘Sunk Cost’… and can people do so without knowing it?

Updated: Mar 15

Sunk Cost Australia weighted down

Are you experiencing something called ‘sunk cost’?

Maybe you’ve never heard the term before. Is it possible that we are all surrounded by it, but that a large proportion of people have no inkling of it? 

It’s a peculiar thing. 

The most peculiar thing about ‘Sunk Cost’ is that a person can experience it without even knowing they are, and in fact, they may not have heard of it, let alone know its symptoms. 

What is ‘sunk cost’ about? 

Simply put, it is about a person being too invested personally to accept that the evil globalist Marxist technocratic agenda has deceived him or her. They have barriers that stop them, even considering that they might have been ‘tricked’. It can often come down to them being too proud to admit it. 

It is how human beings often ‘tick’, isn’t it! ‘Sunk Cost’ is a real phenomenon. Mark Twain referred to it in this way: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”?

The ‘Sunk Cost’ phenomenon occurs when a person is reluctant to abandon a strategy, course of action, or belief because they have invested heavily in it. Put another way, they have ‘owned’ that belief, strategy, or choice; as a result, they are too connected to it to turn around now. 

Head in the sand

Even when it is clear that abandonment would be more beneficial and there is indisputable evidence exposing the truth, this person will stay true to the deception and bury their heads deeper into the sands of denial. Have you noticed that people can dig in their heels all the more to the extent that they are burying their heads in the sand? 

Climate Change Iceberg

Two examples of the ‘Sunk Cost’ phenomenon, which threatens the current and future sovereignty and welfare of Australia, are people’s beliefs and actions to support and/or neglect to research the globalist Marxist technocratic agendas of:

1. Man-made climate change catastrophe; and

2. Pandemic Prevention, Pandemic Preparedness and Pandemic Response (ie CONTROL) 

Both agendas are driven by the globalist elite UN/WHO/WEF alliance.

Man-made climate change catastrophe is central to the globalist elite objective of a new world order; it is about working toward the establishment of a ‘One-World Government’. This will be covered in more detail in Part 2:  ‘Are you immersed in ‘Sunk Cost’… and even without knowing it?’

The current move of the UN/WHO/WEF alliance to overrule and control the health sovereignty of independent nations through the WHO global Pandemic Treaty and the International Health Regulations (IHR) Amendments of May 2023 will be covered in more detail in Part 3  ‘Are you immersed in ‘Sunk Cost’… and even without knowing it?’

Numerous Friday Raves have been dedicated to warning readers about the globalist Marxist threats to our beautiful country.      

Blonde taking selfie with train coming

In his book, ’The Psychology of Totalitarianism!’ Mattias Desmet explains how three groups are always present in a mass formation event and typically intersect with all pre-existing social groups on either side of the political spectrum.

Desmet exposes how the first group, which is 30% of the population, will automatically, habitually, and sometimes even unconsciously support totalitarian agendas.

This group, those people most tightly held in the grip of mass formation, will believe the story and attempt to censor all who oppose the narrative, not tolerating alternative opinions as it imposes its view upon others. They are in the grip of what could be described as a self-reinforcing internal narrative. 

This first group will support the agenda—even if they have realised it is not true. They will also be deceived, having their rational thought processes destroyed, or paralysed due to the manipulation of fear campaigns and indoctrination, cleverly designed and implemented strategically and ahead of time. 

The West Tigers rugby league team probably has a better chance of winning another premiership than someone reaching people in this first group to the truth and awakening them. 

As expressed earlier, this group has its head buried firmly in the sand and it is in what can be called a ‘Stuck State’. They are trapped in a ‘negate-ive feedback loop’ which has been created and perpetuated by the above-mentioned ‘self-reinforcing internal narrative. This narrative has proven to be a particularly powerful prison for the minds of such people. 

The second group, 40-60% of people, does not really believe the totalitarian narrative. Nevertheless, it remains quiet and goes along with the masses or does not oppose them.

This swinging second group can be reached. It is this group that must stand up and play its role to reclaim this nation from the agenda of the globalist Marxist totalitarian elite. They can be helped to overcome or break out of the prison: to see through the enculturated and enculturating effects of the internal narrative and its ‘negate-ive’ effects.  


The third group,10-30%, does not believe in the mass formation story and speaks or acts out against it. The enculturating effects of the agenda have not imprisoned these people. 

Sheep dog controlling sheep

This group has to be the dissenting voice. If a totalitarian agenda is to be defeated, this is the only group that could ever awaken members of the second cohort to oppose the narrative; this third group must help the second group open their eyes to see what is really going on. 

This third group also plays a role in limiting the extremes of behaviour of which group one is capable—under the influence of mass formation.

(For example, hopefully, in Australia, we will never one day have to see people attacked for choosing to drive petrol-driven cars should a manmade climate-change-driven agenda take over to that extent. If such things take hold, it will be via the catastrophic effects of mass formation in this group and of ‘Sunk Cost’ in other cohorts.)

The behaviours of the three groups described here were witnessed clearly during the Covid-19 years. For those with the eyes to see, there were disastrous divisions produced in which so many people supported medical apartheid in Australia, including but not limited to behaviours such as blindly railing against those who chose to remain unvaccinated.

Still, to this day, people wear face masks even though such ‘protections’ are about as useful as a cyclone fence in stopping a mosquito. People still inject themselves with experimental vaccines that don’t prevent a person from catching or spreading Covid-19. These ‘vaccines’ (drugs) have maimed and killed healthy people who would have survived catching Covid. Who could know yet how many Aussies’ immune systems have been irreparably compromised? unfortunately, only time will tell! 

There has been a huge underreporting of Covid-19 vaccination deaths; however, the truth is floating inexorably to the surface. Will Australians wake up now? unfortunately . . . only time will tell! 

Scientist discovering money

Yes, it is unfortunate: too many people put their faith in untrustworthy/sellout globalist politicians, unelected bureaucrats, unregulated (and thus compromised) health ‘authorities’  and corrupted scientific research. in his 2003 ph.d., Mattias Desmet researched the methodological problems in academic research, which gave rise to the claim that up to 85% of academic papers are seriously flawed. Even more scarily, only 5% of people really care about it. For those individuals who cared to notice, this context paved the way to what we are experiencing now . . . just ‘follow the yellow brick road’! (ie The money trail to those controlling the show - just like the Wizard of Oz was pulling the levers behind the curtain to manipulate the situation)

Australians must not only awaken but also take action—pull back the curtain as Toto did and expose the manipulation and evil agendas. In Parts 2 and 3: Are you experiencing ‘Sunk Cost’… and can people do so without knowing it? I will be doing this. 


The people must demand that their voices be heard and that their demands must be acted upon in response to the globalists, the Marxist technocrats, the ‘elites’ and whoever else is bringing this about. 

We must help each other to see that whoever these puppets and puppeteers are, they are attempting to use the global pandemic treaty and climate change fear-mongering to take away our nation's sovereignty  . . . and to usher in a New World Order. That is the aim of their agenda and narrative. 


To those who recognise that they have been experiencing this ‘Sunk Cost’ phenomenon—perhaps not even knowing it is possible to do so without being aware of it—I encourage you not to be too proud or so invested that you can’t ever change your position on that issue. 

Don’t be trapped; don’t be tricked into believing you have no choice. Don't remain weighed down by any aspect of the falsehoods and evil in the narrative. Let’s not allow any of us to keep drowning in it. 

Sophie Scholl

Instead, look at things this way: foresee what could happen if you change your position. Discern what our active acceptance of the truth could do. See what ‘Sunk Cost’ looks like and take it as an opportunity to move forward  by speaking up to protect our country, its people and its future generations.





by Mattias Desmet

A very good book for those coerced, deceived or pressured by fear into believing in the manmade climate change catastrophe hoax and/or to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine shots. Never be deceived again and herded like a sheep when the next globalist elite fear or manipulative agenda/virus comes along.


For those who disagree with this post and believe that manmade climate change catastrophe is real, please post what evidence (empirical data without cherry-picked dates) you rely upon to reach that conclusion.


If you agree with the contents of any of these Friday Raves, don’t inadvertently become complicit in these demonstrably evil agendas by being silent. Stand with me - as boldly as you are able - in speaking up. For example, you can start by liking and sharing the Rave through social media and email. You can discuss its contents with people… by asking questions and responding to their inquiries from the volumes of knowledge provided in the Friday Rave Blog and the links to other quality sources in each Friday Rave.


If you would like to take a stance after reading this week’s Friday Rave, I encourage you to subscribe free of charge.


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