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Friday Rave 59 - Why I speak up

Friday Rave 59 - Why I speak up

The final Friday Rave for 2023 reiterates why I speak up publicly as I do.

Why am I prepared to risk possibly losing both friends and family (which I have) and be mocked?

Why am I driven to speak up, especially on those days when I don’t feel like writing after working my two jobs . . . and with all life's other responsibilities?


I have four beautiful children, and hopefully, one day, grandchildren. I want to protect them from what is coming. I want to do all I can to protect them from impending danger, evil agendas that have been ramping up for some years and which are now threatening all our families and indeed our entire beautiful country.

I refuse to be silent to evil. For this reason. I fully endorse the words attributed to one of my heroes, a German Pastor - who was imprisoned and executed by the powers that be - because he spoke out against Hitler and the Nazis, whilst others remained silent or supported that regime.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act”

More about why I stand up can be found on the ‘About’ Page on the Friday Rave website

For the past 9 years I have been publicly writing and speaking up against what I have identified as the evil attacking Christianity. I am against a particular set of agendas that, if successful, will ultimately destroy our western democratic nation and endanger the lives of all our loved ones.

In the face of all of this, Christians should be more emboldened than ever before to spread the word that the Lord, our creator, cares - and that we need him (1 John 5:4). there is only one Saviour.

Club of Rome

There are ideologies at work in our 2023 world that do result in death, and those wanting to implement a New World Order / One World Government (Great Reset) have a depopulation agenda. Those who care to notice these patterns have a responsibility to not be complacent or quiet about that. My focus has been on the destructive forces of both cultural and global Marxism. Advocating that people speak up against evil has been my prime objective; we must be realistic about how evil human behaviour can become when the perpetrators know no boundaries. Therefore:

“We must break the spiral of silence, speak the truth in love and not be afraid to offend”. (Stewart 2023)

Pencil standing up

(I view this Friday Rave as the most significant of them all - If Australians would throw off their apathy, stop being misdirected and get more backbone, our nation could avert the impending danger, that is foreseeable for those who have the eyes to see it and the courage to become part of the resistance to it.

Throughout 2023 the Friday Rave was regularly outspoken against the Marxist Voice to Parliament, which, thankfully, 60% of Australians opposed for various reasons.

Now, Australia needs those 60% to stand against the three major threats to our nation, which I will identify in this Friday Rave.

1. The real agenda behind man-made climate change catastrophe

Blonde lady selfie with train coming

“The Climate crisis is a health crisis.”

(Vanessa Kerry, - WHO (World Health Organisation) special envoy for climate change and health and whose father is John Kerry, United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.)

The video Climate Change Will Be the W.H.O.'s Skeleton Key for Total Control captures why, throughout 2023, the Friday Raves have attempted to awaken people to the dangers of the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty, the May 2023 International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments, and that hoax which is the manufactured manmade climate change catastrophe.

For years I have been writing about the deception central to the climate change hoax. If one looks closely, this is a plan that lacks genuine care for the environment, and which is predominantly about political change and wealth redistribution - an implementation of a truly evil ideology.

(If you just scoffed or said “BS” etc, i encourage you to watch the above video for a few minutes - with an open mind).

man dodging bullets

2. In 2024, before it is too late, Australians must be made fully aware of the dangers of the UN/WHO/WEF alliance.

3. In 2024, Australians must stand up and protect free speech.

1984 Albanese watching you

If free speech is taken from the people, by definition, we no longer live in a democratic country.

A Friday Rave celebrating a victory calls for Australians to act further to protect free speech from the Albanese Labor ‘1984’ censorship Bill known as ‘Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation Bill 2023’.

Keep CHRIST in Christmas

To those who are both Christian and non-Christian, Christmas is a special time of the year.

This Christmas, consider protecting and making a simple confrontation against the Marxist left attack on Christmas.

Say and write the words “Merry Christmas” wherever you go.

Oppose the Marxist attacks on Christmas by removing from your vocabulary words such as Happy Holidays or Happy Xmas.

If you enter shops that you know supported Ramadan or Halloween, ask the attendants why they are you not supporting Christianity or why there is no Christ in their Christmas decorations.

The dangers facing us are deeper and more real than we ever new, but through all this the Gospel of God’s love is going to be shown to be more all-encompassing than we had ever previously imagined (Romans 8: 37-39).

Thank the Lord that - contrary to the Bette Midler song - God is not just “watching us… from a distance”. Shouldn’t that be the message we try to get out in the Christmas season? it gives the necessary context to why we would celebrate that baby in a manger.


“What, a Marxist attack on Christmas, aren't stretching it?”, some WILL say.

Anyone who truly understands Marxism knows that the evil Karl Marx was a Satanist who wanted to destroy God. (Recommended Reading - ‘Marx and Satan’ by Richard Wurmbrand)

The Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci (recognised by some as the father of Cultural Marxism) in the 1920s recognised that a Western Country could not fall into a Communist Utopia unless Christianity was destroyed. To do this, the institutions supporting Christianity must be cut.

The civilised world has been thoroughly saturated with Christianity for 2000 years. Any country grounded in Christian values cannot be overthrown therefore, until those roots are cut, but to cut the roots, to change culture, a long march through the institutions is necessary. Only then will power fall into our laps like ripened fruit."

Antonio Gramsci

Whether you are a Christian or Not, don’t help the Marxists by taking Christ out of Christmas this year.

Santa kneeling to a cross


Thank you to all who have supported the ‘Friday Rave’ in various capacities.

Well done to those who are helping break the spiral of silence by speaking the truth in love.

In 2024, help spread the truth to challenge people's thinking. Let’s get people talking. Unless you start a conversation with them, you won’t know how much the controlled mainstream media might have tricked them. Let’s get people talking so they can realise that they may not have had the full picture - and have not been sufficiently open to discerning the biases.

Consider subscribing to the Friday Rave if you haven't already. You can subscribe by writing your email address into the subscribe box on the Home Page of the Friday Rave website.

“I'll be back” in January to continue speaking up against evil and challenging people's thinking, after having December off to recharge the batteries and spend quality time with family and friends.

Merry Christmas to you and your family


Andrew Stewart

If you agree with the contents of the Friday Rave, don't inadvertently become complicit in evil by being silent. Stand with me - as boldly as you are able - in speaking up. For example, you can start by liking and sharing The Rave through social media and email. You can discuss its contents with people… by asking questions and answering their questions from the volumes of knowledge provided in the Friday Rave Blog and the links to other quality sources contained in each Friday Rave.


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