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FRIDAY RAVE 12 -Victoria votes – Stockholm Syndrome

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Darth Vader Dan Andrews

Victoria votes – Stockholm Syndrome or can Victorians rise up and put freedom and the rule of law before party politics?

Stockholm Syndrome is when one develops positive feelings towards their abuser or captor. During the Covid period ,the Andrews’ Labor government, easily the most incompetent government in dealing with Covid in the country, put in place restrictions that were among the harshest seen in Western democracies. 263 Lock down days as Melburnians endured six lockdowns that led to Victoria's state capital to be dubbed the "world's most locked down city".

As Peta Credlin wrote “At every point Daniel Andrews justified his cruelty on the basis of “health advice” or “police advice” but it turns out, as my documentary shows, that there was often no such thing. Instead, there was a control-freak premier, who’d effectively dispensed with cabinet, parliament and his own Labor caucus to revel in being a virtual dictator”.

Can voters who have voted Labor all their life, put the welfare of the State before party politics and remove a dictatorial Premier?

Come back to Labor next election (if needs be) after standing tall and telling ALL politicians, that Australians won’t tolerate totalitarian leadership that thinks it’s above the parliamentary process and rule of law.

Will Victorians re-elect a Premier whose Storm Troopers fired rubber bullets and tear gas against peaceful protesters standing up against mandatory vaccinations? No rubber bullets fired at the Marxist Black Lives Matter protest during Covid lockdowns. Of course not, as the evils of Marxism are allowed to flow freely, like a raging river full of sewerage in Victoria

How can we ever forget this visual, that went around the world of a pregnant woman being arrested in her own home, compliments of Daniel Andrews Storm Troopers? Darth Andrews defended the arrest, saying “protests undermined public health efforts”.

Under the Labor Andrew’s government, Victoria has become the cesspit of Australia. The cancer of Cultural Marxism has a firm hold on the body of Victoria and spreads to wreck the nation. Where do you think the Marxist (un)’Safe Schools’ program originated from – La Trobe University Victoria, supported and funded by the Daniel Andrews Labor government. The ‘Safe Schools’ program, adopting a title using George Orwells 1984 ‘Double Speak’, is anything but safe. It is a program disguised as anti-bullying but with the intent of destroying the minds and stealing the innocence of children, as it indoctrinates them to become Marxists of the future. Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, co-founder Roz Ward has conceded the Safe Schools Coalition program is part of a broader Marxist strategy to change society. Another (un) ‘Safe Schools’ cofounder was the Paedophile supporting Gary Dowsett, author of an article entitled, “Boiled Lollies and Bandaids: Gay men and Kids”

Victorians shouldn’t forget when they vote, how Daniel Andrews is in bed with China, as he attempted to pursue a ‘Belt and Road’ agreement with the Chinese Communist government. Infrastructure for now with future generations to pay the price, that would have been disastrous and handed control of assets to Communist China, as his bankrupt State would have faulted on the loans. Victoria's financial mess is another issue voters should be thinking about?

Will Victorians support politicians being above the law? Why did “VicPol fail to breathalyse the now-Premier’s wife after his car hit and almost killed a cyclist and would allow the now-Premier to drive the damaged car away before any evidence was gathered.” (Peta Credlin)

Unless dropped on their head at birth, how is it possible that a Christian could even consider voting for this evil Marxist monster, who claims to be a Catholic but does everything he can to destroy God in Victoria? “Pray for Daniel Andrew’s” says Martyn Iles as this clip exposes just how inhumane Daniel Andrews really is. Anyone who thinks babies should be cared for, should be standing up against such a wicked individual.

I leave the final comment and advise about the election to the person who I believe Australia NEEDS as Prime Minister, Peta Credlin.

“If there is one plea I would make to all voters in Victoria who care about democracy, whether they vote Labor, Liberal, Greens or any other way, it is to vote BELOW the line on the ballot for the Legislative Council.

Only about 8 per cent of us do, but if you don’t you will get the parliament that “preference whisperers” like Glenn Druery has connived and manipulated to create — the same upper house that gave Andrews a free hand in the pandemic”.

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