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  • Andrew Stewart

Friday Rave 53 - It is becoming clear who the Labor Albanese government serves.

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

ventriloquist dummy Albanese and his master Klaus Schwab

Those awake to the real agenda of the ‘Voice to Parliament’ were not surprised by the recent united actions of far-left Australian political parties.

On Tuesday, 17 October 2023, Prime Minister Albanese’s Labor Party and the Greens dismissed a call by Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price for a Royal Commission into “child sexual abuse in Indigenous communities, audit of spending on Indigenous programs and support practical policy ideas to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians to help close the gap.”

After the crushing defeat of the Marxist Voice to Parliament, these actions of the Albanese government are further evidence to support the notion that the referendum was never about improving the lives and outcomes of the Indigenous people and listening to their voices.

It is increasingly apparent the Voice was about global and cultural Marxism.

For those who disagree, I suggest you read and view the video links of evidence in Friday Rave 48.

For those still needing to be made aware of who our globalist Prime Minister serves, please put aside the time to watch this 17-minute video about UNDRIP - United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The UN/WHO/WEF alliance aren't hiding their agenda if you do research beyond the boundaries of the globalist mainstream media.

It appears important to Albanese to protect the inner city Marxist Indigenous, who are in bed with the left-wing government agenda and bureaucrats on the estimated 40 billion dollar-a-year Indigenous gravy train. He seems to be treating it as far more important than the protection of sexually abused children and helping those indigenous suffering in remote areas. As evidenced by the fact that all these billions of dollars in tax payers money never benefits those children; they're not addressing the problem.

On average, Australian Indigenous people live for 8 years less than the rest of us.

Anyone who understands Cultural Marxism knows Marxists in Australia don't want that life expectancy gap to be closed. These Marxists need to have an oppressed left-wing identified group so that they can keep ramping up the chaos, and this is to bring about their political change agenda.

Have you noticed how Marxists such as Albanese support almost every minority group issue, including the ever-increasing LGBTQIA+ alphabet?

(The acronym stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, and the + holds space for the expanding and new understanding).

Are you deceived into thinking that Marxists actually care about these minority groups?

Just like the indigenous, they are integral to the Marxist ‘game’; they are pawns that can be sacrificed for the greater cause. This is complemented by the silence of the Marxist feminist movement in speaking up to protect women athletes from deluded, cheating transgender males competing in women's sporting events - a current issue.

Marxists don’t care about people. People are just pawns to be used to cause chaos through division. This is the guts of Marxist Critical Theory: causing chaos and division by dividing people in all areas of life into the oppressed versus the oppressor while invading the institutions that support our democratic nation (i.e., education, government, law, Christian churches, the arts, etc.). The ultimate aim via such ‘divide-and conquer’ is a Communist fairy tale utopia.

Irrespective of whether you voted YES and NO, I encourage ALL people who genuinely care about ALL Australians, to write to a Federal Labor politician calling for a Royal Commission into both child sexual abuse in Indigenous communities and a Royal Commission to investigate where the money allocated to the Indigenous people is going and has gone these pasts decades. Urgent and unbiased investigations and audits of this magnitude must be set in train.

Be the Voice the Indigenous people need, to protect innocent children and CLOSE the Gap by allocating money to Indigenous health. This is so that from now on the money can go where it is needed … instead of into the pockets of parasites.

I will conclude this rave with the video of a distressed and upset Senator Jacinta N Price in response to the Marxist Labor-Green alliance dismissing her call for a Royal Commission.

“Write, email, contact your Labor Member, Senator or go straight to the PM and let them know what our vulnerable need!” Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

PS The writer has sent an email to the Federal Labor Member for Macquarie, Susan Templemann requesting a Royal Commission into both child sexual abuse in Indigenous communities and to investigate where the money allocated to the Indigenous people is going.

PSS If you agree with my words, please stand with me to speak up by Liking and Sharing the Rave.

Please feel free to leave a comment, whatever your viewpoint is, as your right to free speech is respected and defended.


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