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Friday Rave - 52 Good to come despite the Marxist agenda to divide

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Jacinta Price October 14

Good to come despite the Marxist agenda to divide

Always look on the bright side of life” are words from the famous comedy song featured in the Monty Python film ‘Life of Brian’. These Words touch on stoicism and a stiff-upper-lip approach to dealing with a crisis. These words can give Australians a positive sense of direction after our Globalist Marxist Prime Minister orchestrated the divisive ‘Voice to Parliament’ crisis.

It would appear by the polls that ‘The Voice to Parliament’ is heading for a crushing defeat. Let's hope they are right, or Australia will, in time, be in serious trouble.

Unfortunately for Australia 'The Voice to Parliament" saw the Albanese far-left Labor government impose Cultural Marxism upon Australians by applying Critical Race Theory. Marxists explicitly designed Critical Race Theory to cause division and chaos, working towards the ultimate goal of a Communist utopia. In the past months, we have seen division we have never experienced before in this nation, with Black against White, Black against Black and White against White. Albanese must pay for the division and hurt he has caused, and if elected Federal Labor Party politicians don't remove him, the Australian people MUST in 2025 (sending a solid message for any future Prime Minister never to try it again)

Despite the irresponsible divisive actions of Albanese, Sunday, 15 October 2023, after the ‘NO’ is confirmed as victorious, must be a day when ALL Australians who love our democratic country defy the Marxist objective of division and unite as ONE.

It must be understood that:

Voting NO did not mean a person doesn’t care about the Indigenous people and their welfare.

Voting NO was not racist

Voting NO to a bad idea was a responsible action

Despite Albanese’s attempt to divide Australians, here are six positive outcomes from the impending defeat of the ‘Voice’ referendum. All Australians, whether they voted ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ can “look on the bright side” with the view to unite, not divide as the Marxist architects of the Voice intended.

1. Australia says “No” to racial division. The Voice was a strain of cultural Marxist cancer attacking our nation from within. Dividing people by race into minority groups (oppressed) and those perceived as evil oppressors (the same evil oppressors who go to work and hand out a large portion of their pay each day to support many of the Marxist-identified oppressed minorities).

With the rejection of racial identity politics, will Australians now stand up against another strain of Marxist cancer, the radical transgender movement attacking the family and the minds and bodies of our most vulnerable, the children?

2. Australia says “NO” to Communism. You would have to have kept your head firmly planted in the sand if you were unaware of the Marxist Communist advocates driving the voice, using the Indigenous people as pawns for political change.

3. A promising outcome from the referendum is that many people know how much money is given by the government towards the health and welfare of indigenous people. Many people are now concerned and questioning where billions of dollars have gone.

Here is a short letter to my Federal Member of Parliament. Please allocate a few minutes of your time to take ACTION. Be a Voice for the Indigenous people on this issue.

Dear Member for Lindsay

Melissa McIntosh

The Voice to Parliament referendum brought to the attention of many Australians how much tax dollars are spent each year on Indigenous health and welfare.

It is ‘My Will’ that you raise the following question in parliament.

“How much of the estimated $40 billion across the past 12 months on Indigenous spending went to close the gap, and where has it gone over the past decades”?

A voice in the form of a Royal Commission to investigate where all the money is going. An

audit is sorely needed: A thorough one!

Yours sincerely

Andrew Stewart

4. The Voice referendum has helped a rising number of Australians to awaken or at least question the allegiance of our politicians. Politicians are elected to serve our nation's best interests, not the agenda of the globalist Marxist elite.

A genuine concern for Australia is the politicians who have graduated from the World Economic Forum (WEF) ‘Young Global Leaders’ program. New Zealand paid the ultimate price of having graduate Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister.

If you think The Voice to Parliament was about the care and welfare of the indigenous people, I invite you to read last week's Friday Rave and previous Raves before it. It may also shock you what role the United Nations could play in Australia if the YES vote wins.

5. Just like the United Kingdom, will Australia have its BREXIT moment? A moment when it rejects the globalist Marxist elite agenda. Just as Britain rejected the globalist elite of the European Union (EU), will a NO vote be the start of an increasing number of people rejecting the globalist Marxist UN/WHO/WEF alliance?

“You will own nothing and be happy” (World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab), is not dismissed as a throwaway sentence by by those awake to the globalist elite agenda. An agenda accessible to those not apathetic to discovering the truth and those not brainwashed by the globalist Marxist mass psychosis of fear perpetrated by globalist Marxist: politicians, the education system and mainstream media.

Will Australians, like fish about to be pulled from the water, unaware of the impending danger that encircles them, escape the net being cast around them by the globalist Marxist elite of the UN/WHO/WEF alliance? The WHO Global Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulation Amendments (IHR) of May 2022 and May 2023 are a real threat to our nation's sovereignty. Will a NO victory springboard Australians to take action to protect their health sovereignty, or will they hand it to unelected Marxist bureaucrats of the World Health Organisation (WHO)

6. Last but not least, a shining light from the 'Voice to Parliament' has been the rise of a woman of substance who could be the leader Australia needs - Jacinta Nampijinpa Price. A politician who cares about ALL Australians and future generations' welfare. A politician with a spine to vehemently oppose the divisive Cultural Marxist cancer working both in sight and in stealth to destroy our democratic country.

“we keep telling Aboriginal people that they are victims … effectively removing their agency and then giving them the expectation that someone else is responsible for their lives” even though “the worst possible thing you can do to any human being is tell them that they are a victim without agency”. (Jacinta Price)

It is appropriate that I conclude this final Voice Rave with the words of the brave Australian lady I was praising, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, as she gives hope for the future:

“On October 15, we will need to begin the work to reunite Australia and that will require action from all of us. The past few months have shown me that there is no shortage of goodwill. Australians have displayed an overwhelming desire for more to be done to support and help our most marginalised, no matter their background.

Real change is 11 democratically elected Indigenous members of the federal parliament, ensuring transparency and accountability, holding to account those who have been entrusted with this work and reallocating resources to where they’re most needed and going to be most effective.

While a Yes vote means gridlock, bureaucracy and enshrined division will forever prevail, a No vote is a demand for something more, something better, a demand for real change”.

(Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is the Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians).

PS If you agree with my words, please stand with me to speak up by Liking and Sharing the Rave.

Please feel free to leave a comment, whatever your viewpoint is, as your right to free speech is respected and defended.


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