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  • Andrew Stewart

FRIDAY RAVE 7 - Sad day when the Australian Cricket Captain is deceived by the globalists

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Pat cummins bowling

Sad day when the Australian Cricket Captain has been deceived into helping the globalist Marxist march through the institutions.

It has been reported that deceived manmade climate change warrior, Australian Cricket Captain, Pat Cummins, played some role in Australian Cricket tearing up its $40 million dollar sponsorship with Alinta Energy. The extent of his role, from the fallout, we probably won’t know. However, I have written to Cricket Australia asking that they ensure the public and those impacted at all levels, right down to the grass roots cricket, that Mr Cummins wont be another lefty virtue signalling hypocrite. This starts with his cricket shoes. I have also called out Cricket Australia for supporting a globalist Marxist agenda, which has the real potential to undermine the welfare of future generations to come.

My letter to Cricket Australia, as it is important to act.



To Cricket Australia

Could you please make public what factual data, without cherry-picked starting dates and supported by evidence, that you have based your decision on to support the globalist Marxist manmade climate change agenda?

Australian cricket captain, Pat Cummins, deceived by the false globalist Marxist manmade climate change agenda, has played some role in Alinta Energy ending its $40 million dollar sponsorship of Australian Cricket. I ask that Cricket Australia please assure the Public that Mr Cummins’ future actions will be held to account so that the prestigious role of the Australian Cricket Captain is not undermined by a potential lefty virtue-signalling hypocrite.

I assume Mr Cummins will no longer be wearing cricket boots containing products made from the fossil fuels of oil and coal. A small price considering the damage such a loss of sponsorship could have for children at the grassroots cricket level.

I assume Mr Cummins will set a good example and will this Summer be travelling across the country using modes of transportation that are not powered or charged by fossil fuels? Maybe he could sail up to the Sydney Test Match after the Melbourne test, in preparation for sailing to England (only using wind) for the next Ashes campaign? You can’t have a manmade climate change warrior leaving such a large carbon footprint, from jet travel, when there are other viable sources of transportation?

Can Cricket Australia please assure the Public that it will be reducing its carbon footprint by ensuring that ALL Day/Night cricket matches will be powered by and charged by renewable energy sources? I do hope that the sun shines and the wind blows before these matches. I assume Mr Cummins will do the honourable thing and not play in any games using lighting that is not powered and charged by renewables?

I don’t want to see Australian children negatively impacted by the actions of Cricket Australia and a deceived Cricket Captain, selling out to a globalist Marxist false narrative. This will not only impact Cricket at the grassroots level but has the potential to hurt all Australians, now and in the years ahead. Future Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) is not something the current actions by Cricket Australia and its Captain should be directly or indirectly supporting.

In conclusion, I expect that because of the potential damage he has done to the game, by contributing to the loss of $40 million dollars of sponsorship, Cricket Australia will enforce that Mr Cummins lead by example in what he wears, how he travels and that he only plays in games under lights that are one hundred per cent powered and charged by renewable sources. I strongly suggest that in the future, Cricket Australia focus on uniting Australia through the great game of cricket and stop causing division, by supporting a globalist Marxist agenda. An agenda that opposes the very foundations of our democratic country.

I respectfully ask for a response to this letter.

Yours Sincerely

Andrew Stewart


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