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FRIDAY RAVE 40 - If the WHO can hurt children, do you really think it cares about You?

Updated: Sep 30

If the WHO can hurt children, do you really think it cares about You?


If the World Health Organisation (WHO) can stoop so low to advocate stealing the innocence of children through sexualisation programs for under 4’s. Can you trust its judgement to control health issues impacting our nation after the Albanese government gives away Australia’s sovereignty on health care?

Do you want children in the current model of parent-led sexual education with catch-up assistance from schools OR the State taking control via the relentless intrusion of educators into the minds of children? Educators feeding children the destructive and immoral Marxist LGBTQ+ agenda (advocated by the WHO), which not only steals their innocence but confuses them on sexual matters that they are too young to be exposed to.

The WHO is a globalist Marxist organisation of unelected bureaucrats not only trying to take over the sovereignty of nations in regards to Health Care (i.e. global ‘Pandemic Treaty and the “International Health Regulations amendments of May 2023). It has “orchestrated a ‘framework for policymakers, educational and health authorities and specialists’ titled, ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe’ with the purpose to standardise (in other words override) the diverse teaching practices of each sovereign nation within Europe and the wider international community with regards to sexual education”. Senator Malcolm Roberts

Australians must take a stance against the power grab and influence of the Marxist WHO on our nation and its direct impact on its citizens' welfare. A power grab of communist style, with a one-size-fits-all all uniform approach, irrespective of culture and individual rights.

TAKE ACTION AGAINST THE WHO 30/6/2023 FRIDAY RAVE - A letter to The Leader of the Opposition, Peter Dutton, challenging him to speak up and be the leader Australia needs to oppose the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the International Health Regulation amendments You can add to this letter expressing your concerns regarding the WHO’s sexualisation of children.

FRIDAY RAVE - More on this confronting issue of the ‘Pandemic Treaty’ and the International Health Regulation amendments can be found.

"A one size fits all, international approach to health care, where local politicians and doctors will be taken out of the decision-making. Do you really want this?"

"Do Australians really want failed, unelected bureaucrats of the World Health Organisation (WHO), who got it so wrong with the handling of Covid, who are in bed with Communist China and financed by Mr. Vaccines himself, Bill Gates, telling us what we must legally comply with for potential (YES potential, not actually happening) future health care issues."


The following disturbing information has been taken from an Article by Senator Malcolm Roberts titled ‘Children Targeted by WHO ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe’. The information in this article, supported by Fury over WHO's sex-ed about 'childhood masturbation' for UNDER-FOURS , exposes the dangerous Power grab of the WHO (an arm of the United Nations).

“Having all but forced European nations to comply, the United Nations is seeking to expand a similar framework to all UN member states – including Australia. This framework is called International Guidance on Sexuality Education, produced as part of UN Education 2030 and counter-signed by UNICEF”.

“The WHO lays out its reason for teaching children aged 0-6 the detail of biological reproduction – that is, children who are still young enough to believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy. By age 6, the WHO wants the education industry – and presumably their teachers – to expose children to the concepts of intercourse, masturbation, and pornography. By age 9, they are expected to reach an ‘adult’ knowledge of sex, including teaching of masturbation and viewing of online pornography. At age 12 – remembering that we are still talking about young children – the WHO wishes the official European education course to explore political and emotional responses to sex, puberty, and gender”.

“Starting sex education at birth is an indication of the mindset of these people. 0-4 year-olds should be able to distinguish between consensual and non-consensual sexual interaction and develop a ‘positive attitude’ to the different sexual lifestyles of adults”.

And Malcolm Roberts asks - “Why would anyone allow the United Nations or World Health Organisation to be involved in the protection of children when their organisations have been repeatedly involved in sexual abuse and child rape in the third world”?,different%20sexual%20lifestyles%20of%20adults Malcolm Roberts 8 May 2023


If the United Nations and the World Health Organisation’s cover-up over actions of sexual abuse, and the instigation of sexualised programs of Marxist indoctrination, concerns you. It should concern you even more how these unelected WHO bureaucrats will potentially be in 2024 controlling Australia’s future health responses if the Albanese Labor Government does not instruct Australia’s delegate to the WHA to withdraw Australia from the future ‘Pandemic Treaty’ and withdraw support from the International Health Regulation amendments of May 2022 and May 2023.

If you think the sexualisation of children is false information or a Conspiracy Theory, stop and listen to this

‘Corrupt leftist ideologies plague our education system: Mark Latham | Alan Jones’


“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil

God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak.

Not to act is to act”.

(attributed to Dietrich Bonhoeffer - a man of substance who died speaking up against evil)




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