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  • Andrew Stewart

Friday Rave - 61 (26 January 2024) Australia Day is a day to unite and must never be allowed to be used as something to divide.

Proud to be Australian

Happy Australia Day to you all as we celebrate this wonderful country in which we are so blessed to live in. 

I hope you enjoy some lamb on the BBQ (purchased from the local butcher), waving the Aussie flag and listening to good Aussie music as you celebrate with family and friends.

(The Seekers - ‘I am Australian’)


ants shaken in a jar

Some individuals, corporations, councils and lefty politicians want to tarnish the day with virtue-signalling ignorance or sinister intentions; they want political change, and they are practised at bringing it about by stirring us up in ways like this. 

Just like the Marxist driven division between male and female: cis gender and transgender: straight and gay etc , Marxist Critical Race Theory looks to cause division between black people and white people. It aims to provoke chaos to create the grounds for political change. 

Marxists look for things to let us be outraged about, and history is one of them. Now it is Australia Day, and next it will be ANZAC Day .................. Who knows what could be next after that, but one thing is for sure: It won’t be about helping Aussies to truly flourish! 

We learn from history, and Australians today have nothing to be ashamed of.

Despite the skewed leftwing indoctrination from most of the mainstream media (MSM) and a predominantly, demonstrably and increasingly Marxist education system, we must not allow ourselves to fall into any of the traps being set up for us.  

There is so much of what our nation has become that we Australians can be proud of. 

We should unashamedly celebrate our national day, just like our fellow human beings do in other countries, even as we acknowledge that mistakes were made along the way, generations ago in our country’s history.  

There is more that can bring us together than there is to divide us; helping us to help each other see that is not what globalists and Marxists are about. Let's discern and acknowledge that! 

In the process of celebrating our nation’s progress, Australians must defy and stop the creep of Marxist ideology. We must think and act like the majority of us did in the 2023 referendum with the “NO” victory, which stopped an irreversible enshrining of racial division in the Australian constitution.

It must be remembered that in human history, so many cultures have committed wrongs and conquests. There is evidence that this includes the Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia, before the British arrived, despite the attempted Orwellian ‘1984’ style, Marxist airbrushing of Australian history.

Dr William Barclay quote

I share wise words by Dr William Barclay which I believe capture how we should view our nation's history.

“There is a time to remember history and a time to forget history. When history is remembered as an inspiration, it is good; when history is remembered as a means of maintaining divisions, it is a curse”. 

It’s a trend: over recent years - and perhaps even for most of our lives - too much of what is good in our lives and memories has been weaponised. Let's not let Australia day be the next thing used to trick us into being adversarial toward one another. Forgiveness is a much underrated attitude and skill, including in the advancement of positive human relationships. 

Anthony Dillon Quote

I conclude today's Friday Rave with these wise words by a wise Indigenous Aussie, Anthony Dillon. Words which are the way forward, ignoring the divisive calls of predominantly inner-city Marxists who try to convince us to “Change the Date” or “Abolish Australia Day”. Let’s not be tricked into behaving like the red and black ants in a jar, shaken up by a hand that was, to them, unseen. 

“This Australia Day I will reflect on what some of our British ancestors did to some of my Aboriginal ancestors and think, “So what. That has nothing to do with how I relate to my fellow Australians today. 

To all of you I say… ‘HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY’ “


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Jan 24
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Happy Australia Day for tomorrow, 26th January 2024. Show your patriotism, fly your Australian flag 🇦🇺 proudly, not just tomorrow, but permanently throughout the year! We MUST stand together against those that so desperately thrive on trying to divide us more than ever. 🇦🇺🇦🇺

Jan 26
Replying to

Well said and yes we must stand against those who want to divide us

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