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FRIDAY RAVE - 67 Speak up on a crucial issue and demand our PM be for Australia and not his UN/WHO/WEF masters 

Albanese is a dangerous dummy

Our jet-setting globalist Labor Prime Minister who serves the UN/WHO/WEF Alliance is a dangerous dummy, as another crucial issue for the future welfare of Australians starts early next week. 

Beginning on May 27 2024, representatives of member states of the World Health Assembly (WHA), including Australia, will meet in Geneva to discuss the May 2023 International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments and the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Pandemic Treaty which had a name change to the ‘International Instrument On Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response”

Will Australia give away its health sovereignty to the globalist elite UN/WHO/WEF Alliance?

Dummy Albanese with Klaus Schwab

Having failed to divide Australia and serve the interests of his globalist elite masters with the failed Marxist ‘Voice to Parliament’ (Friday Rave 53 - It is becoming clear who the Labor Albanese government serves), Albanese’s actions on the ‘International Instrument On Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response” and IHR Amendments will show where his allegiance lies.

The Australian delegate to the WHA will be ratifying these two legal instruments.

This is a primary issue the Albanese government should be hung and quartered for at the next Federal election by ALL voters. It is unforgivable if Albanese places the political agenda of the globalist elite UN/WHO/WEF Alliance, with its dangerous One World Government (OWG) and deadly depopulation agenda, above the best interests and welfare of the Australian people, now and in the future.

"If ratified, these instruments would grant the WHO greater authority regarding international pandemic responses and preparation, including obliging nations via international law to prevent the spread of “misinformation and disinformation” and to potentially speed up the development of “pandemic related products”. (Senator Alex Antic)

If you answer NO to any or all of the following four questions please TAKE ACTION, as there is no time for apathy. 

Question 1

Do you trust handing over Australia’s health sovereignty to unelected WHO bureaucrats who will pay no price for being wrong? That is irrespective of whether they ‘get it wrong’ through ignorant inaction or neglect or whether it is intentional. The same bureaucrats who got it terribly wrong with their handling of COVID-19 will now fail upwards, gaining increased power and control, when in fact, major reforms on the failed WHO should be taking place.

A WHO, who has:

a. As its second-largest donor, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which makes billions of dollars from its influence on the WHO agenda through its pandemic vaccines.

b. Initially, failed to scrutinise China’s role in the Covid-19 outbreak.

c. Got it so wrong with the handling of Covid-19

• wrong about lockdowns, which dismantled economies and ended more lives than they saved.

• wrong about the efficacy of masks,

• wrong about the dangers of COVID-19 itself

• wrong about the safety and efficacy of the mandatory mRNA injections. Vaccines (drugs) which

didn’t prevent one from catching or transmitting the virus and have caused vaccine injuries and

multiple deaths, including that of children. Who knows how many more will die from

cancer because of the experimental vaccines from a globalist elite with a depopulation agenda. 

Walk away from plank with a politician

Question 2

Do you want WHO director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus to dictate Australians' responses to international health issues?

Tedros isn't even a medical doctor

Tedros Ghebreyesus is an Ethiopian Marxist, supported by China, with links to the terrorist group Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). He is not even a medical doctor and was alleged to have been 'complicit' in failing to record or even identify cholera outbreaks in Ethiopia back when he was a health minister.

Learn more about the WHO Director-General

Tedros will have the power to enforce mask-wearing, lockdowns and experimental vaccines on the Australian people. Tedros will even have the power to lock Australians down using the manmade climate change catastrophe hoax.  

IHR Amendments Article 2 - Scope and Purpose

“Public Health risks” has been removed so that the WHO can involve itself in any risk it deems as having the potential to impact public health (i.e. the potential to impose a climate change lockdown if the WHO Director-General decides that climate change is a potential risk to the public)

Read More about the disturbing IHR amendments that will be enforced. 

Big Albanese is watch you 1984

Question 3

Do you want the Albanese government to ratify these two legal instruments under the guise of “misinformation and disinformation”  so that the truth is censored in Australia?   Read More 

Doesn’t it now become even more clear who was really driving the Albanese Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023 to censor free speech online in Australia - Yep, you guessed it, Albanese’s puppet masters from the UN/WHO/WEF Alliance.

Question 4

With the increased death toll since the experimental vaccines, do you want to potentially speed up the development of “pandemic-related products”?

Through numerous Friday Raves since 9 February 2023, I have attempted to alert readers to the threat of the ‘International Instrument On Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response” (globalist WHO Pandemic Treaty) and International Health Regulation amendments of May 2022 and May 2023. A Treaty and Amendments that the Morrison Coalition government and Albanese Labor government have sold out Australians to the globalist elite.

Man dodging bullets

“...dodging a bullet to the chest achieves nothing if you allow apathy and ignorance to result in being shot in the back.

Shot in the back by whom? By the identifiably traitorous actions of a globalist elite using Australian governments.

The ‘Voice to Parliament referendum’, whilst important to defeat, has been a misdirection from ‘The Hill’ that Australians must fight for and CAN’T lose. The battle to protect Australia's sovereignty from the power-hungry globalist elite alliance of the UN/WHO/WEF."

My Spidey senses are tingling

“The silence of not only the globalist-controlled mainstream media but also national parliaments, academics in universities ………… to the WHO global Pandemic Treaty and the May 2023 International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments, should be in people sounding inner alarm bells and activating critical thinking processes to question:

Why the silence?

What are they hiding?

What is the real agenda?

If that is not you, I encourage you to challenge yourself to ask why there is no inner response or a lack of urgency to enquire as to what is going on behind the scenes that will ultimately impact you and your loved ones”.

Letter to Peter Dutton

“Why are you, Mr Dutton, not speaking against the IHR amendments and advocating our national interests MUST come before giving away our decision-making to the globalist elite of the WHO? Your silence is seen as being complicit. Is the Dutton Liberal Party also a supporter of the globalist elite agenda?

Forests grown and trees cut down

"Parliaments do not have the right to relinquish our nation's sovereignty, as it is not yours to give away. Sovereignty belongs to the people, and by our vote, we will decide who represents us and makes critical decisions on matters such as health care, not unelected bureaucrats from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

It defies logic that on your watch, our parliament would hand over Australia’s sovereignty on managing health concerns to a group of unelected bureaucrats from the WHO, who performed poorly in handling COVID-19 and have been embroiled in scandal after scandal.

(i.e. World Health Organisation Staff Sexually Abusing 83 Women in the Congo)

It is irresponsible to hand over power to bureaucrats in Geneva who receive 84% of their funding not from Member States but from external commercial sources. Australians will be in the genuine position of being at the mercy of the globalist elite funders, who influence the decisions of the WHO. Mr Vaccines himself, Bill Gates, is the second largest contributor to the WHO. Can you unequivocally say that the dollars of Bill Gates won’t potentially influence the WHO to enforce future mandates for experimental vaccines?"


Use the contents of this Friday Rave to write to the Prime Minister, The Leader of the opposition and your Federal Member of Parliament demanding the Australian delegate to the World Health Assembly (WHA) not ratify both the May 2023  International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments and the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Pandemic Treaty now renamed as the ‘International Instrument On Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response”

Contact your Federal Member of Parliament

 “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” 

(Attributed to Edmond Burke)

Thankfully, we have 13 good politicians in our federal parliament who are aware of the danger to Australia. They signed the following letter to the Prime Minister, which was written by Liberal Senator Alex Antic. Liberal Senator Gerard Rennick can also be added to this list.  

Letter by Senator Alex Antic


If you want to know more crucial information or are still undecided about acting, here are three quality videos worth watching. 

If you agree with the contents of this Friday's Rave, please join me in standing up against evil by ‘Liking’ and ‘Sharing’ the Rave on social media and email. 


I encourage you to subscribe free of charge to the Friday Rave.

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Were doomed I tell ya doomed if we don`t get rid of the Houso Albosleasy and his band of commie counts.

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